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We are proud to be awarded the best promising franchisor of 2017. Having been awarded barely two years since our inception assures us of our outstanding value proposition that we bring to the booming education industry in Singapore.

According to Franchising, Licensing Association Singapore, brands were judged based on our strategies, systems, marketing processes, franchise relations and franchisee performance.

The Happiest Opportunity In Education

Positive Education Student Care, Enrichment, Play Group

Apart from our brand, we also pride ourselves as a quality education provider of choice. Having been accredited in the same year by Positive Education Schools Association from Australia, we champion students’ well-being through meaningful programmes so that every child that enters PlayFACTO School is able to experience a childhood that is purposeful and flourishing. Through the adoption of the PERMA Framework by Dr Martin Seligman, also known as the father of positive psychology, in our programmes, our students learn to:

Build Positive Relationships

Inspire Positive Emotions

Forge Positive Engagement

Celebrate Positive Achievement

Create Positive Meaning

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Enrichment In Asia

The perfect blend of multiple selling propositions makes PlayFACTO School unique in the local market. The quality manipulatives and innovative curriculum that never fails to engage learners from 3 to 10, is just one of the many features that have bagged us two awards in just 2 years of operation.

Proven Curriculum
Affordable Investment
First-Class Support
Simple Process

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Student Care In Singapore

With the rise of dual-income families in Singapore, the need for student care centres in Singapore in burgeoning. According to incoming enquiries and walk-ins at our events, there is still a need for quality student care centres in Singapore. See how we run Singapore’s #1 Premium Student Care through our:

Academic Focused & Learner Centric Programme
Homelike Environment
Comprehensive Holistic Education

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