Why PlayFACTO School Believes In IoT For Children 

Student Care Singapore – IoT, otherwise known as the Internet of Things, is a relatively new term used to describe billions of physical and network devices all connected simultaneously to the Internet and virtually anything with an internet connection can be considered an IoT device. So how does this relate to children? These days, kids from preschool onwards are now pretty tech-savvy and they know their way around a laptop or even their phones, so there’s nothing better than teaching kids how IoT works in real life. But why is it so important? Let us now highlight a couple of reasons for why we believe in IoT for the kids:


IoT is a big part of our kids’ lives

With the advent of new technological discoveries popping up around the corner virtually every split second, everything in our lives has become more intricately interconnected and information is so readily available at our fingertips. This extends to children, who at a very early age now are privy to a wealth of vital information that we otherwise would never have access to. A lot of the current student care Singapore centers even utilize such impressive tech to help their kids learn basic writing and reading skills, which is hugely beneficial and allows them to imbibe knowledge in as digestible a manner as possible.


Information at your child’s fingertips

Speaking of which, as aforementioned the introduction of IoT has allowed for more information than ever to be affordable to us at the touch of a button and this extends to everyone, including our children. If you consider the fact that many student care Singapore centers here are integrating smart technology in the classroom or even allowing their students and teachers to conduct classes from the comfort of their own home, there is that possibility that kids can learn far more about the world around them than they ever could albeit with real-time monitoring and certain conditions put in place by both teachers and parents.


Easier and improved monitoring of kids

Now before you sound the alarm, we’re only talking about monitoring children during their time in the classroom, be it physically or virtually, and IoT’s use of interconnectivity across a myriad of linked devices allows for a much more convenient approach to ensuring your kids’ safety at all times. For example, student care Singapore centers rely on CCTV (close circuit television) cameras and that same security system can be linked up to the teachers’ mobile devices to keep tabs on their students while they’re away from the classroom to ensure no harm befalls them. Of course, this kind of remote surveillance has to be met with approval from parents who consent to their children’s safety under our watchful guidance, after all.


Quality of life for children is improved

Believe it or not, the emergence of IoT has led to better outcomes and improvements in our daily lives when you look at the bigger picture. So how does this factor into our children’s lives, you might ask? Well, when you look at how IoT can be integrated into the classrooms of any student care Singapore center as of late, the incredible amount of knowledge that lies at their fingertips along with the ease and accessibility to a myriad of diverse topics from the comfort of their own home has given children from a young age a much better understanding and cognizance of the world around them. Even in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, rather than close down schools for the time being and just staying at home kids have this immense opportunity to better themselves and continue studying via online classes mandated by their schools or voluntarily learning about topics that pique their interest, often with the help of their parents or student care Singapore teachers, which in turn helps to improve their quality of life in more ways than one.


H/T: Tech 21 Century


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