Tips To Reinforce Perseverance

Perseverance: Perseverance is the ability and self-control that pushes you to work through challenges. Perseverance means you are able to wait and work through difficulties, whether they have to do with your mind, your body, or your emotions.

It is important to point out that the definition of perseverance is not “don’t give up no matter what” or never quit”. Sometimes you’ll do your best but it will still be time to move on to a different goal. However, perseverance is the ability to do your best toward a goal, even though it’s a big challenge.

Here are 4 ways to reinforce peseverance.

1. Regularly encourage your children to try new things.

You may also want to try something new with your child, like roller-skating or a new arcade or video game. No one is perfect at anything when they start, and this is a great way to show him that falling or not winning isn’t the end of the world.

2. Share some instances when you’ve needed perseverance and grit to accomplish a difficult task.

We don’t often talk about our earlier failures, so children sometimes think that adult successes all come with ease.


3. Be overt.

Tell them that they are working on perseverance skills and let them know that struggle and failure are likely. Knowing that they are meant to struggle makes it much easier to deal with.


4. Remember that it is OK for your child to get frustrated sometimes.

We tend to want to shield our children from frustration and that may not be helping them. Similarly, remind your child that it is OK to fail – you get to try again. She may not be great at everything the first time, but it is sticking with something that is important.

The pointers above will be a start for you to reinforce and enrich your child’s life further with this month’s Value – Perseverance. Please feel free to share any ideas you may have with fellow parents in this playgroup so that they can try these with their children.

Above all, be POSITIVE, ENJOY Your TIME with Your Child.

When Children PLAY and have FUN, Learning Takes Off! PLAY IS CHILDREN’S WORK.






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