4 Geometry Activities You Can Do At Home

Geometry fascinates kids when you make it a hands-on experience! Today I’m showcasing some of my favorite hands-on geometry learning activities for kids. These simple tools and activity bring geometry to life, inspiring kids to work to learn more. A Playful Way to Learn Geometry and Develop Spatial Awareness using Geometiles Children learn best throughRead more

4 Sure-Fire Methods to Make Math Fun for Preschoolers

It can be quite an uphill task getting your kids in preschool to learn something as fundamentally important yet arduous and challenging as maths. But do not fret! While it may not seem so at first, it is indeed possible to make counting numbers fun and easy to pick up for your preschooler in noRead more

Appreciate The World Through Maths

Creative Math – Numbers, measurements, figures, patterns, probability, problem-solving – what doesn’t come under the umbrella of Mathematics? Math is indispensable in so many fields, from the Natural Sciences and Engineering to Medicine, Finance and the Social Sciences. Math is a powerful tool that can help our children understand the world in so many differentRead more

4 Simple Brain-Boosting Techniques We Can Do With Our Preschoolers, We Are Passionate About!

Are You Developing Your Child’s Brain Today?   Did you know that your child’s frontal brain is developing really quickly from the ages of 3?   According to Harvard researchers, the brain creates “complex brain circuits” that aid in “higher cognitive function”.        But why should we develop our preschooler’s frontal brain?  Read more

Why You Should Teach Math At An Early Age

Our children’s brains are wonderful, complex things with the tremendous capacity to learn, develop and make connections. It’s no secret that young minds absorb and engage the most, and are highly flexible in their abilities to explore and adapt.  With that in mind, at what age should we start to introduce concepts of Mathematical ThinkingRead more