How Coding & Robotics Is A Good Investment for Your Child’s Future

Coding & Robotics – As a parent, the future of your child or children is always something at the back of your mind. You, as a parent, want to give your child the best education so your child can have a bright future. While coding may be a niche job for many parents, it hasRead more

Moving From Preschool to Primary School – How To Help Your P1 Child Adapt?

Moving from Preschool to Primary School can be a challenging time for everyone involved, child, parent and teachers alike. It usually means leaving behind friends and teachers and adjusting to a completely new environment. Your child’s step up from Preschool to Primary School and after school Student Care is bound to be filled with changes. HowRead more

4 Ways To Build Trustworthiness As A Leader

Our PlayFACTO School Positive Education Value of the Month is none other than Trustworthiness! Trustworthiness is being worthy of confidence, and being dependable. It can also be described as being reliable, responsible, safe, secure, and steady. Trustworthiness is one of the most important qualities in life. It is the quality on which all relationships areRead more

Teach Your Preschoolers Math Through Play!

Creative Math – Children start developing their mathematical skills while they are still babies exploring their environment and continue into their preschool years. By the time they are learning formal mathematical concepts in the first grade, the foundation for success is already set. Here are some hands-on activities to teach math to preschoolers at schoolRead more

5 Ways To Instill Responsibility

At PlayFACTO School, we believe that responsible children do better in life – both academically and emotionally. Positive Education focuses on specific skills that assist our students to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness and encourage healthy lifestyles. Our Positive Education Value of the Month is none other than Responsibility! Responsibility isRead more

How Coding Helps Boost Digital Literacy

Coding & Robotics – Digital literacy is sometimes confused with computer programming when we talk about technology education, but the two skills are distinct. Today’s school-aged children have never lived in a non-digital world and have grown up with technology as part of everyday life. This means that most kids are at least comfortable withRead more

Why After School Care Matters More Than Ever

After School Care – Aside from attending school, children need opportunities to meet other kids and interact with them to build social skills. Specific programs like the ones here at Playfacto school will positively impact children from a diverse range of backgrounds.   There is a constant struggle of having to prove a certain program’s importanceRead more

Creative Math For Primary School – Our Lesson Structure

Creative Math – PlayFACTO’s fun and easy games help children to improve their thinking ability and understand math concepts. PlayFACTO’s use of real-life situations to teach math concepts increases students’ interest in the subject and gives them natural motivation to understand the material. Every lesson is intentionally designed to engage your child. Learn more aboutRead more

Why Is Coding & Robotics Highly In Demand?

Coding & Robotics – Learning to code doesn’t just set students up for career opportunities later on in life; it also provides a host of soft skills and benefits. Let us take a look at 5 of these benefits that has increased Coding & Robotics’ demand highly for children in today’s world. 1. Coding BoostsRead more

Positive Education 1

Why Empathy Is Important In Education

Our PlayFACTO School Positive Education Value of the Month is none other than Empathy! Empathy is the ability to understand and experience the feelings of others, and to respond in helpful ways. Some children seem to develop empathy more naturally than others, but all children need to be taught this critical skill.   1. WhyRead more