How To Help Your Children Build Friendships

Student Care – Meeting new people and making new friends with peers might seem like a very easy, natural thing for our young children, however there are numerous skills involved in building friendships, and Student Care teachers and parents alike can play an important role in helping to develop these abilities. How can we helpRead more

The Importance Of Creative Math In Everyday Life

Creative Math – Mathematics is such an integral part of our lives that it exists in virtually every aspect of our day-to-day activities, from shopping for groceries to paying our bills and more! You can help your child connect the math they have learnt in school to how it can be applied in their dailyRead more

The Importance Of Electric Motors In Real Life

Student Care – One of the more unique things about PlayFACTO School’s student care centers is how we incorporate a complex coding and robotics programme into fun and relatable projects for primary school children! Something that has received a ton of traction in recent years has been the buzz around electric motors – why andRead more

Why PlayFACTO School Believes In IoT For Children 

Student Care Singapore – IoT, otherwise known as the Internet of Things, is a relatively new term used to describe billions of physical and network devices all connected simultaneously to the Internet and virtually anything with an internet connection can be considered an IoT device. So how does this relate to children? These days, kidsRead more

4 Coding & Robotics Skills You Can Build In your Child Today

Kids Coding – Technology has come a long way with numerous technological advancements making their way into everyday life, and kids are becoming more tech-savvy when it comes to computers and social media. So what better way than having your child get hands-on with some coding and robotics? Of course, there are a ton of benefitsRead more

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How Do PlayFACTO School Children Learn Coding & Robotics?

Kids Coding – Today, we take an inside look at how our students learn Coding & Robotics. With MODI, coding and robotics has become simplified so that even young children can become inventors, fulfilling their innate desires to innovate and problem-solve. MODI’s design is simple and minimalistic, with modules connecting magnetically from all sides andRead more

Coding & Robotics For Kids – The Future Of Singapore

Kids Coding – Our children are living, growing up and learning in a very digitally driven world – a fact that is difficult to avoid or run away from, and also not one that is necessarily always undesirable. How can kids coding help them to navigate the fast-paced digital landscape of our world, and whatRead more