Your Handy Guide To Positive Routines

Student Care Singapore – In times where the world outside is uncertain and where situations change daily, it’s crucial to provide your children with a sense of calm and stability amidst what must definitely feel like constant disruption to them. The number one hallmark of an excellent student care Singapore center is its ability to provide a routine that contributes to each child’s learning progress and overall growth. Before you start on your own journey of creating your child’s routine as we move to home-based learning, read on to understand the why on setting up schedules and routines to follow. 


Influence Your Child’s Holistic Development

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Student care Singapore centers provide a learning environment that nurtures your child mentally, emotionally and socially. PlayFACTO School uses a unique Positive Education framework that consists of planning a structured schedule suited to your child’s needs. While this may seem rigid, it’s a great way to provide direction to your little one on their goals and specific tasks, and helps them to be prepared to tackle those tasks. 


Create a collaboration with your child, and come up with a routine together that works for the both of you. Doing so allows your child to feel part of the process, take ownership of their tasks, and builds on their communication skills. 


Help Your Child Feel Secure


There’s no doubt about it, your child is feeling confused, anxious, and maybe even stressed over the recent changes to how they have to work, play and communicate with their friends, peers, teachers. Even as adults, we recognise how important having structures in our lives is. Structures help us to remain grounded and secure as we move through life. 


The main benefit to PlayFACTO School’s student care Singapore center daily routine is empowering children to speak their time wisely and productively. Working within structures and routines builds proper time-management habits, and increases their sense of security. 


Help Your Child Understand Expectations


Creating a routine for your child at home does not equate to being completely rigid about things or feeling lost if not everything falls into place according to the schedule you set up at the start of the day. As you plan your routine at home, its important to set realistic expectations with your child. 


Teachers at Student care Singapore centers like PlayFACTO School are trained to manage these expectations in a manner that encourages children to enhance their sense of responsibility and independence when it comes to their work and work habits. When children are aware of their expectations, they learn how to work within the boundaries given to them. 


It’s also essential to be flexible and adapt to situations that may crop by during the day. 


Help Reduce Any Behavioural Concerns


A student care Singapore center environment allows children to see how other children function and behave within the routines that have been set up for them – and this is a good learning opportunity for your child too. While home-based learning takes away a lot of what children can observe in that environment, as they are not in the same physical space as their peers, its beneficial to keep the same structured positive education framework and routines going. This keeps things familiar and provides them something to focus on. 


Increase Your Child’s Engagement 

English, Math and Science assessments, homework and spelling revision, and tuition for children who have them – all important blocks of time in the schedule that children need to adhere to and complete. Student care Singapore center PlayFACTO School also includes blocks of time for rest, clean-up, power naps, math play, arts & craft, educational movies, mindfulness movements, indoor play, interactive games, reading and more in your child’s routine. 


Creating intentional spaces of time in the schedule for all these activities is a strategy that will allow your child to perform better academically and possess positive social attitudes, values and skills. 


PlayFACTO School’s Student Care programme is carefully crafted to ensure that each child remains engaged and focused throughout their learning process. From creating positive learning experiences in art where children can observe and perceive the world with increased awareness and aesthetic sensitivity, to the unique Positive Education approach that helps build strength of character – there’s something to engage every child, and ensure they excel. 


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