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Tips To Improve Your Child’s Engagement Levels

Student Care – For any child to learn at their best, and excel in their life, they must be constantly engaged and motivated – high levels of engagement allows students to perform better academically and have better social interactions and skills. Premium student care services like PlayFACTO School employ a variety of different strategies to ensure that children remain focused and engaged throughout the day – it is very important that every child is healthy, safe, engaged and supported throughout each day. 


What are some ways to improve a child’s engagement levels? 


Applying Active Learning 

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Active learning is a theory that places the student care child at the centre, and focuses on how students learn, not just what they learn. It’s a move away from passive learning and regurgitation of knowledge and facts, and allows learners to analyse and evaluate ideas with deeper levels of understanding. 


Supporting active learning at all times has been shown to help students achieve higher scores in their tests as it enhances their skills, understanding and application of concepts. It allows the child to take a prominent role in their own learning, and this is a lifelong skill, that will give them an edge over their peers when they are completing their higher education, as well as in the future workplace. 


Using Multiple Tools

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There is no one absolute way or method that has 100% success with engaging a child 100% of the time. Every parent and teacher knows this all too well. Children are little humans, learning how to function, survive and thrive in their own little worlds, and at is important that every excellent student care centre has an array of useful teaching methods, activities, and routines to turn to to support this growth. 


From enrichment programmes designed to provide a holistic experience with a Positive focus, to critical reading and creative writing skills, to goal setting and structured reflection – choose a student care that has an arsenal of tools to help children have greater ownership for their own learning and works on developing their self-efficacy.


Building Connections

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A big key to active, engaged and focused learning is the building of connections – everywhere. Teachers who understand the importance of connecting work to purpose and relevance are better able to build motivation and focus with their student care children. For example, deliberately and regularly stating the purpose of assignments and activities helps children connect the dots to why they are doing what they do. 


Being Collaborative

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When student care centres take on collaborative learning as a priority, children are able to develop skills such as decision making, flexibility and problem-solving much easier than spaces that do not allow for enhanced learning through working together. The earlier these skills developed, the better students have a perspective on self-esteem, responsibility, leadership skills, and even an understanding of diverse perspectives. 


Creating Unique Experiences

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PlayFACTO School’s Student Care programme is carefully crafted to ensure that each child remains engaged and focused throughout their learning process. From creating positive learning experiences in art where children can observe and perceive the world with increased awareness and aesthetic sensitivity, to the unique Positive Education approach that helps build strength of character – there’s something to engage every child, and ensure they excel. 


Speak to us today to find out more about our 13 student care centres! Click Here to whatsapp us for a complimentary tour of a centre near you.

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