What To Expect On Admin Day & Orientation

Student Care Singapore – One thing about student care Singapore centers that not a lot of people might be aware of is that they act as a bridge to the next level of their children’s education, in this case being Primary One. But what can one expect when it comes time to enrolling their kids, and what can happen during their orientation? Here, we will take a look at what can be expected on Admin Day and the orientation period:


Introduction to the school canteen

As you might well know, many student care Singapore centers provide lunches and snacks as per stipulated for preschoolers. But when it comes to Primary One and onwards, your child would have to pay for their own lunches at the school canteen; every canteen has a myriad of  different cuisines, both halal and non-halal, in addition to a drinks stall that serves a wide variety of beverages for kids to choose from. Your child will always be well-fed guaranteed, albeit by paying for their meals now.



Getting the school supplies for primary school

While it is a given that many student care Singapore centers provide stationery to their preschoolers for their writing and drawing needs, the same can’t be said for primary school however. This is where your child has to be more independent when it comes to preparing their school supplies, but don’t fret just yet! It’s always a net positive to go shopping with your child for supplies they need, such as new stationery, a school bag, pair of brand new shoes and their school uniform for instance. All this helps your child to feel that sense of pride and ownership that will undoubtedly instill positive feelings as they prepare for the first day of a new chapter in their lives.



Learning the basic school rules

As with any other educational facility, be it a humble student care Singapore center or a co-ed school, rules always play an integral part of maintaining civility and obedience in children. This is especially important when your child is thrust into an entirely new environment with different social norms to abide by. For instance, your child has to arrive at school by a certain time to avoid being punished, or if they need to go to the restroom they have to raise their hands and ask the teacher for permission to leave the classroom. The rules may vary from school to school, and the rules may be a little similar to those implemented by any student care Singapore center, so when enrolling into a new school make sure to run through the guidelines with your child beforehand.



Adapting to a new routine

Unlike their time spent back in their last student care Singapore center, where they had naptime and the like, primary school will not be adhering to the same rules and routines. Hence, it’s important for you as a parent to learn how to teach your child to adapt to the new routine as a whole. Help them be more familiarized with the new schedule by running it through with them before they start their first day; have your child wake up at least an hour before the scheduled time to arrive at school and mimic the school timetable so that they would have a feel for what their new schedule will be like when it comes to the real deal.



Check your child’s basics

This part may be deemed as one of the important aspects of your child’s transition into Primary One: checking to see if your child has their basic writing and comprehension skills is a given, especially when it’s time to move on from their preschool days at their last student care Singapore center. To test their basic skills, see how well they can write their own names in full legibly as well as writing names and dates in both English and their mother tongue. In addition, gauge your child’s mathematical skills such as counting, addition and subtraction, as well as their ability to speak confidently.

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