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Preschool Math Is More Than Just Counting To 1000

Student Care Singapore – Believe it or not, maths is not just about counting up to a particular numerical value and such but rather it plays a much more fundamental aspect in our lives than we realise. This makes math an even more vital subject that every preschooler needs to learn, so let us take a look at some of the reasons why we and every other student care Singapore centre feel preschool math is much more than counting up to a thousand:


It can be applied to our daily activities

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Preschool math can equip your child with certain life skills that may prove useful as they continue to grow and mature. Being able to count money in certain instances can be incredibly useful to your child, like at the local supermarket where your child can help count how much you have to pay for the groceries and how much change is left, for example.


Whether it’s counting the amount of money needed to pay for groceries or public transport, or telling the time of day morning noon or night, these are all valuable skills that your student care Singapore teachers can impart to your child with great benefit.



Explaining the attributes of shapes

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Maths is integral to calculating and determining the geometry of shapes of all kinds, and being to recognise certain shapes and sizes helps build visual literacy in preschoolers. For example, associating the circle with that of a similar geometric shape like a pizza, or a triangle with a tree and a rectangle with a table, creates spatial awareness and helps kids develop that familiarity with geometrical cognition from a young age.

In addition, having student care Singapore teachers introduce toys of varying geometric shapes such as Legos can help your young one understand the attributes of shapes easily.


Understanding the meaning of patterns

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Patterns are essentially a repeated design or recurring sequence, and being able to recognise and understand how patterns work helps kids from an early age develop the ability to make certain predictive outcomes and be able to reason from a logical standpoint. Some instances that student care Singapore teachers can utilise include incorporating visual art and dance into their curriculum that can help children understand how patterns work to some degree.

Alternatively, physical activities such as hopscotch and skipping or even video games such as Tetris for example can help demonstrate to kids how patterns are formed and how they can detect them.


Inculcating problem solving skills in your child

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Being able to solve problems via logical thinking, comparing and contrasting is invaluable and helps train the prefrontal cortex of the human brain, which in turn builds self-regulation skills at an early age. Hence, being able to train preschoolers in problem solving is imperative to their cognitive skills and helps them learn how to adapt to any given situation later on.


Student care Singapore teachers and staff can utilise exercises of varying difficulties into their lessons; preschool students can then learn how to solve the problems introduced in said exercises via use of deductive reasoning and adaptability.



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In conclusion, math is an incredibly versatile tool for children at an early age to understand how the world around them works and thus it is important for parents and student care Singapore teachers alike to encourage their kids to learn maths and instill in them the belief that they can succeed so long as they put their mind to it and be confident in themselves.

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