5 Tips When Choosing An After School, Student Care Centre

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Student Care Centre Singapore – Student care centres are an integral part of most Singapore Student Life. These after school care programmes were set up to support working parents, and provide care and supervision to their school-going children (from Primary 1 onwards). An excellent student care centre allows your child to continue to flourish in a learner-centric environment that not only provides them a space to rest, rejuvenate and refocus, but also engages in academic-focused experiences that makes their learning fun and meaningful. 

Choosing a good student care centre can take a considerable amount of time, and it works to your advantage to start the process early. Use this checklist to help you narrow down your premium student care centre options

Discover The Educational Philosophy


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What makes a student care centre stand out is its vision and values. Any top-notch after school care programme has a clear vision in what values it would like to cultivate in their students, and a well-thought out, science-based framework that empowers the students in their care to excel in both their academic and personal lives.  

Take PlayFACTO School’s Positive Education philosophy as an example to guide you while you consider your options. As Singapore’s first and only Positive Education school, the unique pedagogy focuses on specific skills that assist your children to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. When students begin to embody these life skills, there is an increased capacity to learn effectively, and this creates a solid foundation for life-long learning practices. 

Review The Curriculum 


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Most primary schools now offer basic student care services in their schools. There are however huge benefits to choosing an option outside of your child’s primary school. What are some of the biggest advantages of entrusting your child in a community-based student care service like PlayFACTO School? 

Look at the student care centre’s academic/daily timetable to get a sense of how the programme is structured, and how it aligns with the primary school curriculum. Go over the school’s half day and full day schedules, and take note of any activities that would make a difference in the holistic learning of your child. PlayFACTO’s enrichment programme in designed by an in-house curriculum team consisting of ex-MOE teachers and specialised enrichment trainers to provide a holistic and enriching experience with a Positive focus. 

Robust Holiday Care Programmes


Student Care Centre Singapore 3Another sign of an outstanding student care centre is the well-roundedness of its Holiday programmes.

School holidays are a great way to inculcate and focus on a variety of skills like leadership and team building, and to discover and explore certain themes freely.

Your children will get to try new things and gain new experiences while learning about a range of different interesting topics. 


In PlayFACTO School’s holiday programmes, students will be exposed to various themes each week. Some past themes include Animal Kingdom (getting close to nature), and delving into different countries and their unique experiences and traditions.

They will experience and explore related topics through multiple touch points including hands-on arts and craft, engaging in-house activities and exciting outdoor learning journeys. 

Convenience Of Location


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Most parents enrol their children to student care centres to ensure that they are not only supervised and safe, but that they get a holistic learning experience in an environment that is a ‘Home Away From Home’, and also convenient and easily accessible. Location can be a deciding factor for many – most parents choose either a student care centre close to their home, office or near their child’s primary school. 

With 13 locations scattered across Singapore, PlayFACTO School’s after care centres are easily accessible and highly convenient. 

Contact Us For A Complimentary School Tour


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There is no better way to experience the educational philosophy of any student care centre than to look at the quality of the programme in action. An excellent student care centre allows potential parents the opportunity to evaluate the learning environment before making their choice. 

Once you have narrowed down your prospects, pick a few centres to visit. Consider what your personal top priorities are for a student care centre, and compare which ones check your list as you do your tours. Don’t forget to also consider the design of the learning spaces, and the physical resources available for the kids. 

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