4 Ways Student Care Can Enhance A Child’s Life

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Student Care Centre – Student care centres in Singapore are part and parcel of most primary school students’ lives. It makes up a huge part of their weekly timetable, and the amount of time spent in an environment that nurtures their strengths can really support their overall growth and well-being. A premium student care centre provides engaging experiences that develop children holistically, and has a good balance between academic-focused activities and allowing them the space to be creative, learn critical soft skills and more. 

Read on to find out how an excellent student care centre programme can enhance your child’s life dramatically. Choosing the right student care centre for your child can provide them the opportunity to learn and grow in a well-rounded manner that makes their learning journey fun and meaningful. 

1. Setting Up Routines

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Free play is crucial for any child’s emotional and creative development. It is an important tool for developing your child as a whole. Setting up routines can also be a game-changer in your child’s growth. A good student care centre has a programme that clearly spells out to parents that it provides a well-thought out and intentional routine

Some common advantages of setting up routines include establishing appropriate expectations for the children, which allows them to self-regulate and manage any stress or anxiety that may arise from either their academic endeavours, or their interactions with their peers. Routines at your child’s student care centre can also provide them with confidence and help them acquire a greater sense of independence. Last but not least, it works wonders in creating healthy, constructive habits that can last a lifetime. 

2. Building The Blocks For Social Skills

A student care centre provides slightly less formal settings compared to most children’s primary school environment. Social skills are one of the most vital aspects of your young child’s learning process. It is important that they build positive interactions with other children and through these interactions, exercise communication and empathy, and learn how to resolve conflicts. 

Student care centres often make up children from different primary schools in the area. This gives your young children the golden opportunity to mingle with and create bonds with children from different backgrounds and walks of life. Gaining different types of social interactions also allows them to respond to others with care and concern. This is also where your child’s student care teachers play a very important role in ensuring social cohesion. 

3. Positive Education 

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As Singapore’s first and only Positive Education school, PlayFACTO School is a premium student care centre that applies a unique pedagogy which focuses on specific skills that assist your children to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. When students begin to embody these life skills, there is an increased capacity to learn effectively, and this creates a solid foundation for life-long learning practices. 

Apart from ensuring that the teachers embody and practice these values when interacting with the children, PlayFACTO School conducts weekly Positive Education sessions to introduce and reinforce positive emotions and relationships, and the pursuit of success, achievement and mastery amongst other important life skills. 

4. Beyond Academic Support

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An academic-focused curriculum and learner-centric environment housed in purposefully designed spaces creates the best support for your child. While the foundations of a good student care centre ensures that every child’s homework and assignments are completed in a timely fashion, and some enrichment activities are provided to enhance their learning needs, good programmes go beyond just providing academic endurance. Robust programmes like themed holiday day sessions, art & craft activities, DIY science lessons etc all provide holistic learning in an environment that allows your children to thrive. 

Contact Us For A Complimentary School Tour

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There is no better way to experience the educational philosophy of any student care centre than to look at the quality of the programme in action. An excellent student care centre allows potential parents the opportunity to evaluate the learning environment before making their choice. 

Once you have narrowed down your prospects, pick a few centres to visit. Consider what your personal top priorities are for a student care centre, and compare which ones check your list as you do your tours. Don’t forget to also consider the design of the learning spaces, and the physical resources available for the kids. 

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