Scratch x Drone Holiday Programme PlayFACTO School

Introducing PlayFACTO School’s very first Scratch & Drone Holiday Programme!

Join us as we take this flying machine into a learning adventure. We’ll explore the physics behind drones and use Scratch programme to create obstacle courses and program our Drones to navigate through it.

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  • 4-day programme 
  • 2 hours daily
  • For Students 7 to 12 Years Old

Scratch X Drone Programme Q&A

What is the programme all about?

Scratch is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) coding language with a simple interface that allows young learners to create digital stories, games, and animations.

DJI Tello EDU is a widely used, programmable drone perfect for education. Young learners can learn how to navigate the DJI Tello EDU drone using programming language, Scratch. Scratch gives young learners an immerse hands-on experience, putting their coding skills to use with the DJI Tello EDU drone. Young learners can watch their programming actions unveil with the DJI Tello EDU drone.

When will this programme be held?

*This programme is applicable in selected centres only.

You can choose from 4 of the following runs

Run 1
21 Nov – 25 Nov 2022

Run 2
28 Nov – 2 Dec 2022

Run 3
5 Dec – 9 Dec 2022

Run 4
12 Dec – 16 Dec 2022

Which age group is this programme suitable for?

All primary school students age 7 – 12 years old

What's the price for this programme?


inclusive of materials, usage of DJI drone, laptop & platform access

My child is new to computers & programming. Will he/she be able to follow?


No prior experience in coding language needed. Students will be introduced to basic block-based programming using Scratch at the start of the programme.

Is learning Drone educational?

Drone education program builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills in addition to technical skills like coding. This benefits students as they progress through their early learning years.

Drones are the most advanced equipment in the field of robotics, aeronautics, and electronics. Demand for technological proficiency is only going to continue to rise, and students who had training during their school years will be better prepared to enter the workforce and find employment right out of school.

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