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This October, we invite young innovators to join us on an immersive learning experience with PlayFACTO School’s Roblox Programme!

Roblox offers an engaging sandbox platform where students can explore, collaborate and create adventures using game elements in the Metaverse world. Gain an understanding of how real-life situations can be applied in any game, and learn to understand positions, speed, distance and other factors that are common in gaming environments. Sign up now for an animatedly charged and creatively computational week!

  • 4-day programme conducted during PSLE Marking Days
  • 2.5 hours daily
  • For Students 10 to 12 Years Old

Roblox Coding & Robotics Programme Q&A

Q1: What is Roblox Coding & Robotics Programme about?

A1: PlayFACTO School Roblox Coding & Robotics Programme is a unique and innovative game development platform that allows students to design, code and build games in an easy-to-use and powerful way. 

Furthermore, students can learn the fundamentals of computational thinking while having fun and learning. This program helps students to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills at their own pace – which is the best part! 

Q2: When will be the programme be held?

 A2: Date: PSLE Marking Days (17 – 20 October 2022) 

Time: 10am – 12.30pm

Q3: Which age group is our Roblox programme suitable for?

A3: Age 10 and above (Mainly targeting Primary 6 students)

Q4: Pricing of programme

A4: Usual price – $580

       Early Bird     – $480 (by 30th September 2022)

Q5: My child is new to computers and programming. Will he / she be able to follow?

A5: Although prior coding experience is not mandatory, it is recommended that your child has some block-based coding experience. 

Q6: What is Lua coding? Is it hard to learn?

A6: Lua is a great kids programming language and is popular in the gaming industry, being used by companies like Adobe and Firefox, as well as in games such as World of Warcraft

Though it is sophisticated and has impressive professional applications, it is simple for kids to learn and a great starter language for new programmers. 

Q7: Is Roblox educational?

A7: Roblox becomes educational when kids incorporate coding and game development into their routine. Tying new knowledge into existing skills and interests is very powerful in learning. With Roblox, that component is built-in. 

In addition to reaping all the typical benefits of learning to code, kids will get to share their creations with friends and see the tangible results of what they learn to do in a way that’s meaningful and motivating to them. 

Q8: What are the benefits of the Roblox Coding & Robotics Programme?

PFS Roblox C&R naturally boosts children’s creativity

Roblox is predominantly a platform where kids create games for fun. Unlike many other games aimed at children, Roblox does not have a linear story or narrative and is instead focused on allowing kids to craft their own experiences.

Although this might sound boring, it allows them to carefully craft their own story and this pushes them to find their own meaning in Roblox. Once a child opens the game, they are soon ushered into an open-world environment wherein they are encouraged to immediately start building structures and other objects in the Roblox studio.

PFS Roblox C&R helps kids learn programming and coding skills

Many parents are likely to be unaware that Roblox can also be a great tool for teaching their children programming and coding skills. Unlike other games, Roblox was designed with coding in mind, being built from the ground using a simple coding language named Lua.

PFS Roblox C&R teaches kids computing skills

As we are all aware, our modern lives are heavily centered around using technology and the internet. Unlike our predecessors, computing skills are a necessity if we wish to connect with friends, find new clients, and set up successful businesses.

The same is doubly true for our children, who will one day be adults in a world where computing skills are even more commonplace than now. For this reason, it is essential that all parents teach their kids how to use computers from an early age.

Discover Our Unique Approach To Helping Children Discover Coding & Robotics!