Singapore’s Leading Math Programme for Primary Schoolers

PlayFACTO School’s award-winning Creative Math Enrichment Programme, co-developed with Korean education experts subscribes to experiential learning, whereby the natural curiosity of the primary schoolers is supported by a hands-on manipulative-orientated approach. This provides children provides opportunities for the development of higher-order skills. Such an approach encourages the development of metacognitive skills that leads to greater confidence when attempting math in school.


PlayFACTO Monthly is our award-winning curriculum designed to help lower primary school students see mathematical connections in everyday life and develop cognitive abilities. Through experiential learning, children cultivate the ability to think creatively and acquire important problem-solving skills to help them set a strong foundation for Upper Primary Math concepts. Our programme also recognises the importance of helping your child develop positive attitudes, habits and mindsets towards Mathematics learning.

Children 6 – 10 Years Old | Once a Week (1.5 Hour Class) | Small Student-Teacher Ratio

Engaging Primary Schoolers Through Holistic Play-Based Math Education

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Ignite Your Child’s Passion in Math Through Hands-On Activities

Build Positive Learning Attitudes from Young

Positive Education helps young children develop skills like resilience, responsibility and even better self-regulation!

Prepare Your Children For Upper Primary Education

Our curriculum covers five unique domains of math that aligns with primary math standards.

Build Mathematical Thinking Through Structured Play

We have incorporated more than 1000 stories, activities and games to ensure that our preschoolers develop creative and critical thinking skills.

Take-Home Manipulatives & Workbooks

Extend your child’s learning beyond the four walls of our classrooms when your child brings home their very own manipulatives and workbooks!

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Zoom In To Learning Gaps To Identify Hidden Opportunities

Through a short one-hour session, we will be able to identify opportunities to help your preschooler find joy in learning math!

Every Child is Different, So Should Our Approach

Every child is unique. This is why at this session we aim to find out what teaching styles work for your little one.

Save Time Through Strategic & Intentional Math Practice

After reviewing their learning gaps and learning styles, we can now craft out a blueprint to help your little one improve in a comfortable and structured process.

Experience Singapore's Best Play-Based Enrichment

Parents and children will experience how our scientifically-backed math programmes work to engage preschoolers using our bespoke manipulatives and workbooks.

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