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Preparing Your Child For Jobs Of The Future

Coding & Robotics – Primary School children today will enter jobs in their futures that might not even exist today! Trends like Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) evolve constantly and are set to continue to change the kind of roles and skills future employers will be looking for when your child eventually steps out into the working world. 
Besides skills such as analytical thinking and innovation, tech knowledge will also be in demand (Link article) in the future. How can you start to prepare your child for jobs of the future? 
Technology-Led Learning

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Providing you child with the type of education that will allow them to adapt to our fast-changing digital world will help them tremendously in their future work. Technology-led learning is becoming the norm, more so in our current climate, where high digital connectivity is non-negotiable. 
Coding & Robotics programmes can help young children to strengthen their critical thinking skills, develop logical and computation thinking, and help build good analytical and teamwork prowess. As reliance on tech solutions become more and more important, it’s necessary to equip your child with these skills so they can flourish later in their lives. 


Top Anticipated Jobs Of The Future

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Many studies predict that a high percentage of jobs will be lost to AI and robots, however, there will also be many more roles created across all industries for humans to oversee these advanced technologies. A few of the top anticipated jobs of the future includes AI & Automation Experts, high touch roles in the Healthcare sector, Hospitality professionals and even Data Scientists.


Learning Tools For The Future 

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It is essential that you prepare your child to be ready for the future work landscape. Many industries in Singapore and across the globe like manufacturing, service and healthcare and even hospitality are moving heavily towards AI-driven automation. 
Purposeful exposure to technology creates a pathway for your child to step into a new world of innovation and complex problem-solving and creativity. PlayFACTO School’s Coding & Robotics enrichment breaks down the complexities of the digital world to bite-sized, age-appropriate learning so that your child can discover and build on these important skills in a safe, positive environment. 


Fun & Adventurous

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Learning Through Play is an often overlooked teaching philosophy when it comes to primary school children education. Play opportunities enhance your child’s grasp of concepts and develops their innate motivation to learn. 
PlayFACTO School’s Coding & Robotics uses a revolutionary platform MODI with creative & playful ways of helping students grasp complex ideas. Prepare your child for the future tech-driven world by building on building their problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and creative and critical thinking skills today! 


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