Nurturing Children Through Positive Education

Positive Education – Education provides our children with all the necessary tools, skills and characteristics they need to excel in life, no matter which paths they choose as they get older. It’s a valuable source of knowledge in our societies, and can really shape the kind of human beings they become and the decisions they make – big or small. 

Choose a student care centre that places importance on its educational philosophy, and can explicitly define it for you. PlayFACTO School’s Positive Education approach is a unique one in Singapore, and promotes happiness, well-being and the mental health of your children. Read on to find out what Positive Education entails, and why is is so important for our children’s growth. 


What is Positive Education? 

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Positive Education is the combination of traditional education principles with the study of happiness and well-being.

PlayFACTO School’s vision is to be a leading Positive Education student care where students cultivate positive values that will facilitate their lifelong learning abilities.

And the mission is to inspire every child that walks through PlayFACTO’s doors to flourish as a community, and make a positive difference. 


The 5 Main Elements

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Positive Education revolves around 5 main fundamentals: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Achievement. Happy children do better in life – both academically and emotionally. The science of Positive Education empower children to flourish in their academics and personal lives. 

Our emotions impact our well-being, and have the power to shape our point of view and our opinions and decisions. The point is not to eliminate all negative emotions, but to expand on  the positive emotions that can help our children to build on their psychological, social and physical capabilities. Being engaged, curious, motivated and having a sense of accomplishment all help to build resilience, optimism and mindfulness. 


Benefits Of Positive Education

PlayFACTO School has two main areas of fostering Positive Education – to equip all students with the necessary skills to flourish in the 21st Century, and to cultivate the intellectual minds of students to develop a broad set of character strengths, virtues and competencies, which when combined support their overall well-being. 

Some important benefits of Positive Education include: 

  • Developing Academic Focus
  • Improving Self-Regulated Skills
  • Promoting Positive Life Skills
  • Encouraging A Growth Mindset
  • Cultivating Character Strength


A Home Away From Home

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Positive Education leads to children growing up with higher levels of creativity, leadership skills and emotional intelligence. PlayFACTO School is Singapore’s first and only student care that instills Positive Education into its daily curriculum. Through our research-based programmes we aim to educate and care for our students, and nurture their life skills in an environment that’s a home away from home. 

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H/T: Positive Psychology