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Generosity In Children: 5 Ways To Inculcate The Spirit Of Giving

Positive Education – The PlayFACTO School Outlook: Raising a happy child is our goal! We don’t just cultivate the intellectual minds of students, we equip your child with life skills such as optimism, resilience and generosity to support their well-being.

How do we nurture our children’s desire to help those who around them who are in need or are less fortunate or privileged than they are? Generosity encompasses empathy for others, and being generous helps our children be empathetic towards their peers and other people around them – especially those who cannot help themselves.

Here are a few ways to inculcate that spirit of generosity in your child:


Lend a helping hand to your neighbours

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A good way to start your child off on the concept of generosity is by teaching them to help those around them, like your neighbour next door. What can your child do for them? If they had an accident and are unable to go about their daily activities, perhaps you can get their groceries for them together?

Or perhaps a neighbour’s child goes to the same student care Singapore center as your child but is sick cannot head to school? Extend a helping hand and build your child’s generosity by offering to bring them their homework, make a get well soon card, or even delivering snacks to cheer them up!

Seek opportunities in your daily life to make your child aware of this important character trait!


Giving away lightly used toys and clothes

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Another great way to lend a hand is by donating toys and clothes that are gently used and still in good condition – involve your child and allow them to be part of the process. You can sit down with your child and go through which toys and clothes they want to give away, and which they would like to keep.

Creating this useful tradition with your child’s clothes, toys and other items can also allow them to foster a sense of pride in their belongings. Imagine how happy your child could make another child’s day by either exchanging items with other children at their student care Singapore center or giving away their lightly used items to a children’s shelter, for instance.


Giving to an important cause

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A great way to get your child involved in the spirit of giving is to discover together what they are most concerned about at the moment, and look at causes or organisations that can help resolve those concerns – it could be anything from providing food to those who need it, to cleaning up trash at the beach and more!

This one is a great way to get your child involved in the spirit of giving: sit down with your child and ask them about what they are most concerned about at the moment, help them along by look at charities and non-profit organisations that help make the world a better place.  For example, perhaps your child heard from their student care Singapore teacher that the world is in trouble due to climate change or the biodiversity of the rainforest is decelerating at an alarming rate and they want to do something about it. Or you can even do a simple activity of clearing the trash at the beach together.

Let’s do something about it and choose the charity that most represents your child’s generous spirit!


Give words of encouragement to your child

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Nothing can be more reassuring and affirming to your child than words of praise for their actions, especially when those actions go a long way to brighten someone else’s day! Be it as a parent/guardian or even their favourite student care Singapore teacher, giving praise to children for being generous and giving helps inculcate that a sense of altruism.


Creating awareness of other global issues

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The world around us continues to be in turmoil: a raging pandemic, climate change, ecological disasters, lack of sufficient drinking water and sanitation in impoverished nations, and more. While these issues can be heavy topics, it is also important to start talking about them to your children in an age-appropriate manner.

How can we foster an awareness of global issues in our children? Nurture their critical thinking and problem-solving skills by asking them about how they’re feeling and why they feel that way? Is it because of what they might have heard from their student care Singapore teacher at school or perhaps from the news? Then look at possible ways of helping to solve these issues.

When you engage with your child about global matters that they care about, you are helping them develop a sense of empathy about the world around them and fuelling their drive to help other people. This makes for a very generous little human being.


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