Greetings Avengers!

Get set for an action-packed Coding with Minecraft Program this November/December!

Step into the epic Avengers: Endgame universe with heroes like Thanos, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther. Explore the enchantment of coding with Minecraft Education as you venture into unique worlds, taking on thrilling challenges that span history, math, chemistry, and physics. Dive into the science behind the Endgame story, engaging in an exciting adventure where learning meets coding magic!

Trial 1

Quest for Historical Artifacts

Using the Minecraft Agent, embark on a quest to discover hidden historical artifacts scattered throughout PlayFACTO Lab.

Trial 2

Elemental Science Adventure

Venture into the elemental realms of Minecraft to investigate mysterious phenomena caused by elemental imbalances. Use the Minecraft Agent to restore balance, all while learning about the wonders of chemistry and coding.

Trial 3

Math Maze Expedition

Navigate through the complex math maze to retrieve the lost treasures of mathematical knowledge. Solve equations and mathematical challenges to obtain elements and learn essential math concepts.

Trial 4

Engineering Marvels

Thanos has disrupted this area, and it’s up to you to restore harmony. Build awe-inspiring engineering projects with the Minecraft Agent. Construct bridges and towers while learning about the principles of engineering and mastering coding techniques.

Trial 5

Ecosystem Conservation

Thanos has disrupted the delicate balance of nature, and it’s up to you to restore harmony. Use your coding skills and the Minecraft Agent to fix the potholes in the farm.

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Coding with Minecraft Programme Q&A

When will this programme be held?

You can choose from 4 of the following runs. Each lesson is for 2.5 hours.

Run 1
Week of 20 November

Run 2
Week of 27 November

Run 3
Week of 04 December

Run 4
Week of 11 December

*Please check with individual centres on the exact days of programme

Is coding experience needed?

No, this course is specially designed for coding beginners to have a first taste in programming.

What benefits does learning coding bring?

Not only is coding an increasingly valuable skill in the digital age, computational skills picked up during the course will also develop your child’s problem-solving skills and logical thinking.

Which age group is Coding with Minecraft suitable for?

All primary school students age 7 – 12 years old

What's the price for this programme?

Usual price – $580

Early Bird – $480 (when you register your child by 03 Nov 2o23)

Is there any violence or other features in M:EE that could negatively impact my child?

M:EE is based on the original sandbox game, Minecraft, which has a rating of age 7+. Although it does contain non-realistic-looking violence towards fantasy characters, you can rest assured that in M:EE, classroom settings are extensive and all forms of in-game combat are turned off during lesson.

My child has no prior Minecraft experience, will it be an issue?

Certainly not! The course will start with an introductory and exploratory segment to M:EE. This allows students without prior experience to pick up the basics of the game, and those with to check out the features that Minecraft does not offer.

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