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How Do PlayFACTO School Children Learn Coding & Robotics?

Kids Coding – Today, we take an inside look at how our students learn Coding & Robotics.

With MODI, coding and robotics has become simplified so that even young children can become inventors, fulfilling their innate desires to innovate and problem-solve. MODI’s design is simple and minimalistic, with modules connecting magnetically from all sides and functions.

To help our students learn coding and robotics, we use the MODI Expert Kit! Read on to find out more and don’t forget to glance at the visuals to help paint a picture in your mind too. 


What is the Modi Expert Kit For Kids Coding?

The MODI Expert Kit contains modules for students to create IoT and robotic devices. To create, students simply connect these modules. As the modules are magnetic, no soldering nor programming is required to start building your own invention. These modules can be used on their own or better still with LEGO or 3D Printing.

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How do Children use the Robotics Modules?

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Kids Coding – Want to make something? Just connect! It doesn’t matter which side or in which order you connect. All the modules are magnetic. Soldering? Programming? No hassle required! 


Mobile Application

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The MODI app connects the smartphone to the Network module via Bluetooth. It allows the app to control your MODI device. Try out the cool on-screen functions like the joystick, button, slider,  dial, and timer. Now you can control your creations with just a tap or swipe.

When you turn the app on, it searches for MODI Network modules and connects automatically. You can enable and disable the Bluetooth function of your Network module via MODI Studio.


Let’s Get Creative

With the MODI Studio, you can easily control the motion of the modules. Just drag and drop the commands and you are good to go!

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Kids Coding – The simple Cause & Effect concept of programming and instant C-Language conversion is great for teaching kids how to code. (Additional coding languages will be supported in later versions.)

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