4 Coding & Robotics Skills You Can Build In your Child Today

Kids Coding – Technology has come a long way with numerous technological advancements making their way into everyday life, and kids are becoming more tech-savvy when it comes to computers and social media. So what better way than having your child get hands-on with some coding and robotics? Of course, there are a ton of benefits behind cultivating these skills which we will explored here, so let’s check out a few skills that can be built in your child:


Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is pretty vital to a child’s development and cognitive skills, and coding is by far one of the most effective ways to inculcate critical thinking skills in the long run. Coding itself relies on understanding how to resolve any issues on the fly, not to mention being incredibly patient and persistent when dealing with complex lines of code. As a result, this could be fundamental to improving your child’s cognitive skills when in a challenging environment such as at school, where critical thinking is utilised most prominently.



Coding and robotics allow for kids to improve their problem-solving skills and think outside the box in pressure-cooker situations. For instance, when writing lines of code there are going to be moments where you might encounter a dead end or a line of code that is erroneous. This is where your child cultivates a “never give up” mentality whereby they learn to circumvent any and all obstacles with the best possible solutions at the moment, thus ensuring they are all set up for success in the near future.


Maths Skills

Creative Math 4

Mathematics is very much integral to coding and robotics, in fact it is considered a fundamental building block. In many ways, coding is a fun and hands-on way of getting your child more interested in maths, especially if they’re not as fond of the subject. Think about the incredible moment when your math-hating child becomes enamoured by the very thing they once reviled, talk about a win for maths!


Creativity & Determination

Coding allows for anyone to create and build programs and worlds straight out of their imagination (think Minecraft and Super Mario Maker, for example) and it’s a great way for your child to express themselves creatively with the tools provided and without inhibition. On top of that, the skills developed will allow your child to traverse through the worlds they created with newfound determination and appreciation for the skills they have picked up, which hopefully will revitalise their child-like joy and get their creative juices flowing.

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