Instilling A Sense of Purpose In Our Students

In our ever-changing world, many students find it difficult to remain positive and resilient when they are confronted with new problems and unfamiliar situations. How do we build a positive climate for healthier minds?

PlayFACTO School’s Positive Education approach provides a learning community where our students flourish and lead meaningful, purposeful lives.


1. Every month, we focus on a different, important Positive Education Value. October’s is Generosity.

Through a culture of care in the school, we seek to engender positive emotions of well-being such as generosity, gratitude, hope and many more. We believe this will build up students’ resilience and character strengths.

One of the best things we do to help your child plant the seeds of purpose is to encourage them to explore their personal interests and values. After all, how can they set goals or make choices for themselves if they don’t even know what they like or what they believe?

Instilling values in the children is a good thing. Just remember, your children’s core values will be as unique as they are, and their motivations will be different from yours. Ask them what they believe, what’s most important to them, and why—without judgment.


2. We ensure every pupil and teacher alike develop a growth mind-set and discover their potential for learning.

Our Positive Education approach is further enhanced by the learning mindsets we hope our students will adopt.

Learning mindsets are beliefs and attitudes students need to possess to enhance their motivation, engagement and achievement. Positive learning mindsets allow students to be more engaged in their learning, demonstrate a keen attitude and persist despite setbacks which will lead to positive accomplishments.

We help students to thrive through these four learning mindsets:

  • I belong to this learning community – When students feel a sense of connectedness with their learning community, they will strive to be more competent and have higher levels of intrinsic motivation. They have a strong sense of identity and are willing to put in more effort in their learning.
  • My ability and competence grow with my effort – Students with a Growth Mindset believe that they can increase their capacity by their own effort and demonstrate grit to work towards building competence. They embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks and see effort as the path to mastery. They learn from feedback and find lessons and inspiration in the success of others.
  • I can succeed at this – When students believe that success is possible and within their control, they tend to feel more confident in their ability to complete assigned tasks. They are likely to succeed in meeting academic demands in the classroom, willing to try hard and experience zest in completing tasks, even if they find the work challenging or do not experience immediate success.
  • This work has value for me – Students are naturally motivated to learn when they perceive a task to be interesting and relevant. When students are more interested in a subject or see a connection between the academic tasks and their own future goals, they are more likely to expand persistent effort and exhibit academic behaviours that support success in their learning.


3. Our Premium Curriculum provides a holistic and enriching experience with a Positive Focus – English Literacy, Arts & Crafts, Thematic Holiday Programmes, Science Experiments and more!

Holistic education is all about creating a balanced focus on academic success, wellbeing and character development, which are critical in enabling our students to discover and develop their full potential. We believe our students must gain a holistic set of knowledge, experiences and skills to engage effectively with new experiences, thrive in a changing future, and create real impact.


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