How To Be Math-Proficient

Get better at math: Many people believe one is born with the talent to be good at math while others are just not. However, many studies have proved there’s no inherent mathematical ability; everyone can become proficient in math if they put in the effort and time. While it can be daunting, math is a kind of language that’d always have an answer. After all, numbers don’t lie.

Here are 5 Tips And Tricks To Become Better At Math:


1. Building Mathematical Thinking Through Play


The concept of play is often limited to younger students and less academic endeavors, but play can be a useful strategy in an unlikely discipline: math.

Mathematics is known as cold, logical, and rigorous, but the subject doesn’t get enough credit for its true mischievous spirit, which is well-hidden from the world. Mathematics curricula can involve time and space to play with concepts and ideas, even in the rush of required topics.

Much of the literature on play as a learning approach is based on the early years, particularly kindergarten, where it is an accepted pedagogical mode. Young children at play often reach a state that psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls “flow,” an elusive state of mind where time seems to disappear as they focus deeply on what they’re doing. Getting to this ideal state in the classroom requires more than the freedom to play—teachers must also react to students’ ideas and guide them through concepts like counting and numbers. This type of guided play requires decision-making about how and when to give direct instruction. Creating freedom while at the same time offering direction allows for productive play that opens students’ minds to better understand difficult mathematical concepts.


2. Establish A Routine & Focus On Understanding New Concepts


To become better at math is to have a routine in solving problems and mastering the concept. If you learn how to solve, then it becomes easier for you to solve the same equation next time. This will save you time and work in the long run. This is especially true if you have a large problem to solve.

If you can get into a good routine with your math learning, you’ll not have to worry about repeating the same problem over and over again because you already master it. You’d notice patterns and trends as you repeat certain problems.


3. Apply Math Problems In Real-World Challenges 


To make math more relevant, apply them to real-world challenges. Some people find math to be both abstract and unrelated to the world. Even if this is true up to some extent, it doesn’t have to be seen that way. For instance, the Pythagorean Theorem refers to the relationships between different-sized forms, so try to apply it in everyday stuff involving triangles. Try to improve your math skills by figuring out ways to apply whatever you learn to your own life.

4. Enrol in PlayFACTO School’s Award-Winning Creative Math Enrichment


At PlayFACTO school, we employ all these tips and tricks and more to ensure our students have the most efficient and effective path to math-proficiency.


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