How Coding & Robotics Helps In Learning STEM

Coding & Robotics – The coding and robotics fields are growing at incredible rates, and students are benefiting from the inclusion of coding and robotics in STEM education. Coding and robotics in the classroom has positive results on students such as encouraging students to pursue more STEM career paths and develop the necessary 21st century skills that will enable them for success in the future.
Boosting Confidence

Robotics is actively becoming used in a wide variety of learning environments, and the market shows no signs of slowing down. It has been proven that the use of robotics can help to encourage confidence and a positive attitude toward education in students, which helps to reinvigorate classrooms with cross-curricula activities. STEM education proponents are looking for more ways to incorporate robotics classes into schools at the earliest of ages. Peter Turner for Tribotix wrote in 2009, “Robotics will play a major role in the future, so it is important we prepare the current generation of students for this.” With this in mind, robotics is an obvious and important field of the future which helps students to develop important skills for the 21st century.


Jobs Of The Future

21st century skills are pertinent for success in jobs of the future. Robotics in the classroom is a logical and effective way to foster higher scientific reasoning, critical thinking, and other important skills. By using problem solving to understand coding, students also gain important lessons about trial and error leading to success. All the skills which robotics helps to instill in students prepares them for STEM-based careers, as they are also growing faster than any other field today (Stem Connector).


STEM Careers

STEM careers are some of the lucrative jobs on the market, and their potential for growth is nearly limitless. With such large openings in STEM careers, it is necessary to inspire younger generations to pursue these market jobs (Tribotix). The solution is to include STEM education early on, such as coding & robotics. Therefore, the incorporation of coding & robotics in learning environments have proven themselves to be necessary to fill these STEM careers!


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