How Children Learn Core Values Through Coding & Robotics

Coding & Robotics – The coding and robotics fields are the future, and teaching our children the power of coding is essential. Pretty much everything that kids touch involves coding these days—their remote controls, TVs, phones, watches—we are a technological society, and it’s only going to increase in the future. Coding definitely teaches students tech skills, but that’s only the beginning. Take a look at these 5 core values you’ll see when you teach kids how to code.
1. Creativity

Kids are able to be creative and innovative completely on their own terms within coding. They might not have a lot of say in what they do and when they do it because they’re kids, but with coding, the control is completely in their hands.


2. Determination

Determination and perseverance are critical factors for success in life and it’s important for kids to build them as young as possible. When coding, things rarely ever work the first time. However once it works, there’s a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that coders get. This motivates them to stick with the task until they complete it. This is similar to the feeling you get when playing video games and you earn points. This time however the kids are working on something more creative and productive than merely playing video games.


3. Meaningful work

There can be a fuzzy period when you’re learning to code—“What does this all mean?” But then when it all starts coming together, it’s a beautiful thing. Once students find that context, they then know how to apply it to other areas of study.


4. Boldness

When kids are learning to code, they encounter failure along the way as most times they get it wrong before they get it right. This encourages them to be bold and try out new ideas until they find one that works. Coding is great at this because there is not one solution to any coding problem. Different people can use different techniques or approaches to arrive at the same result.


5. Curiosity

Coding fosters a strong sense of curiosity in children by rewarding their curious endeavors. When a child tries various options to test what works, they are learning how to be curious about the world around them, to try different angles of problem-solving that they can then apply to all areas of their lives in the future.


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