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Creative Math – Numbers, measurements, figures, patterns, probability, problem-solving – what doesn’t come under the umbrella of Mathematics? Math is indispensable in so many fields, from the Natural Sciences and Engineering to Medicine, Finance and the Social Sciences. Math is a powerful tool that can help our children understand the world in so many different ways. 

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Draw on your child’s natural curiosity and cultivate their enthusiasm for the subject at an early age. How can we ensure that our young creative math learners build strong mathematical understandings that will allow them to go beyond the simpler labelling and identifying, to investigating and communicating about concepts like patterns and probabilities, amongst other crucial skills? 


Math Through Stories

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PlayFACTO’s Creative Math Enrichment breaks away from the cliche that Math is boring or tedious. Creative Math is more than just numbers and practice worksheets. Creative Math incorporates over 140 stories, activities and games to ensure that young learners develop creative and critical thinking skills, with an active understanding of all the concepts. 

Engaging lessons are the foundation to the holistic learning of any subject, and storytelling is an excellent tool for learning focus, distinguishing contexts, and developing problem-solving and communication skills. 


What Is Problem Solving? 

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In very technical terms, problem solving is the act of defining a problem, determining the cause, and identifying and implementing solutions. Acquiring good problem solving skills is useful on both the individual and organisational levels. Developing these skills from young can really empower your children in their personal and futures professional lives. 

Through experiential learning, PlayFACTO Creative Math Kids (aged 3 to 6) helps the little ones to cultivate the ability to think independently and set a foundation for problem solving for Primary School. PlayFACTO Creative Math for primary children continues to build on this,  training thinking skills that work on improving their real world problem solving abilities. 


Everyday Situations

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Creative Math allows children to understand the world through the lens of Mathematical Thinking. All students approach the age-appropriate math concepts covered in each lesson naturally, by seeing them illustrated in a variety of stories drawn from real life. Seeing mathematical connections in everyday life helps develop their cognitive abilities. Basic problems given in these situations provide young learners the opportunity to understand and test the new principles they have learnt. 

When choosing a Creative Math enrichment for your child, it is important to consider how the programme helps them to make sense of the world, and allows them to use what they have learnt in everyday situations, and connect their experiences through their understanding of the math. 


PlayFACTO School Creative Math Enrichment




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Our Creative Math Enrichment is an experiential learning program that helps to nurture young students’ mindsets towards Mathematics from an early age.

Supported by our in-house custom made, hands on learning materials, our approach helps young minds develop a strong foundation for Creative Math & problem-solving at an early age.

Winner of the Young Parents Creative Maths Programme Award & Kids World Best Play Based Math School Excellence Award.

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