4 Sure-Fire Methods to Make Math Fun for Preschoolers

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It can be quite an uphill task getting your kids in preschool to learn something as fundamentally important yet arduous and challenging as maths. But do not fret! While it may not seem so at first, it is indeed possible to make counting numbers fun and easy to pick up for your preschooler in no time. So without further ado, here are some sure-fire methods to make maths fun again:


Turn maths into a game your child would like

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You can incorporate maths into a game your preschooler would appreciate or enjoy, such as perhaps a simple easy-to-play card game such as UNO where numbers are the main focus. Alternatively, you can try other ways such as computer games for preschoolers which use maths extensively or if you feel a little more adventurous, you can create a hands-on maths competition between your child and their siblings with the winner getting some sort of prize such as their favourite snack, for example.


Use technology to aid your preschooler

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Speaking of computer games, there’s no way to get away from any sort of hi-tech devices especially in this day and age so why not use it to your advantage to get your child more invested? You can download some free-to-play games off the Google Play store, of course ensuring that the primary focus in said games is maths and that it’s easy to pick up for preschoolers. Alternatively, there are some programs you can download online such as Prodigy and Dreambox, which utilise various maths concepts into a digestible and easy-to-play approach that your kids would definitely take to in no time!


Making maths more relevant for your kids

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It’s important to let your preschoolers know just how important maths is to their everyday lives aside from counting numbers and such. Of course, you have to ease them into the process so show your kids how relevant maths is through activities at home, such as telling the time of day (use an analog clock instead of a digital one, for example) or perhaps baking their favourite cake, where you can teach them how to measure out specific amounts of flour and sugar needed for instance. If you like, you can take them on a fun shopping trip where they can learn how to calculate the amount of money needed to pay for the groceries with your help. 


Ask your child’s teacher for some guidance

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Sometimes if all else fails, it’s best to approach the one person who might know your child inside and out – their preschool teacher. Who knows more about your child than you when it comes to education? Approach their teacher and ask for their help on what are some of the best ways to get your kids more invested in maths at home and in everyday life. If need be, have the teacher cultivate some sort of learning program or itinerary specially for your child’s needs to incorporate maths equations and such in a unique fashion that would facilitate their knowledge and interest better. Don’t be shy to ask for help, after all two heads are better than one!


H/T: Oxford Learning


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