Coding & Robotics: The Value Of Learning Through Play

Positive Education – As the great poet George Bernard Shaw once said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” This quote can especially be related to your child’s development in the early years of their lives, and what better way to help your little ones develop than allowing them to grow and learn through play? 

Let’s look at what makes learning through play, or ‘play learning’, such an integral part of your child’s cognitive development.


What exactly is learning through play?

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Learning through play, otherwise known as ‘play learning’, is an educational methodology where play is the valued mode of learning. The aim is to improve your child’s cognitive development in their formative years. Learning through play is not just meant to be implemented for preschoolers, but is increasingly highly valuable for primary school children aged 7 onwards as well.

There is a variety of ways and methods to help children develop their skills early on, such as learning to build blocks to encourage their creativity or spelling out words and solving mathematical equations through the use of picture books or even various board games that can encourage their eagerness to learn more about their environment.


How does Learning Through Play apply to Coding and Robotics?

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When it comes to teaching students all about Coding and Robotics, we have to institute creative and playful ways of helping them grasp complex ideas easily – we don’t want to overwhelming them. For instance, MODI is a revolutionary new platform which allows anyone to create coding and robotics projects with the greatest of ease and is extremely hassle-free!

MODI relies on the Plug And Play setup to connect the various modules together via Bluetooth in any configuration you might deem fit, and it helps you solve problems through a logical lens while inculcating and nurturing your critical and computational thinking skills. This makes it the perfect application of Learning Through Play for your child to develop their abilities and have tons of fun at the same time!


Building relationships with play learning

Aside from improving your child’s cognitive skills and development, learning through play can also be used to foster social cohesion and build new relationships with other kids in a new environment such as at school or at your nearby student care center. Developing proper social skills is integral to your child’s ability to interact with others and being able to work and play with their peers, and all that can be achieved via learning through play.

Imagine your child not only bonding with their peers but learning about the beginnings of collaborative thinking – an important skill for their future!


Instill a newfound confidence in your child 

Lastly, learning through play is an amazing way to give your child the confidence boost they need when it comes to interacting with their peers at school and this confidence can translate to their way of being at home with their family.

Through play learning, children are able to further develop their speech and language skills on top of improving their listening skills. This also helps to boost your child’s self-confidence when it comes to interacting with others; they can approach and talk to different people while not having to feel self-conscious about themselves or how they might present themselves to their peers.

Hence, by cultivating these myriad skills and abilities in your child, it helps to galvanize their self-confidence and make them more willing to approach any situation with boundless positivity!



H/T: Center For Parenting Education





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