The Importance Of Electric Motors In Real Life

Student Care – One of the more unique things about PlayFACTO School’s student care centers is how we incorporate a complex coding and robotics programme into fun and relatable projects for primary school children! Something that has received a ton of traction in recent years has been the buzz around electric motors – why and how does it relate to us in our everyday life?

Let us now take a look at the electric motor and how it can play an important role in your lives:


What exactly is the electric motor?

The electric motor is one of the most important electromagnetic inventions ever devised, and for good reason! An electric motor basically converts electrical energy into physical movement by generating magnetic fields with electric currents through a coil. The magnetic field then generates a force with a magnet that causes movement via spinning of the motor.

Electric motors are used for a myriad of applications, such as in cooling fans inside a computer to perform basic functions like operating the hard drive, for instance. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at why the electric motor is a big deal.


It doesn’t cost a lot of money to produce

It’s amazing how easy it is to actually produce a single electric motor! That can be attributed to the relatively low cost needed to recreate the design and manufacture it. This can also be easily applied to other commercial and domestic versions of the electric motor as well, hence the fact that they are mass produced on a large scale.


Reliability and efficiency is the key

Electric motors have a very simple design that is at once functional and durable, hence the reason why they have a a relatively long operational life with very little maintenance required. In addition, electric motors have a high efficiency rate of up to 95%, which makes this humble mechanism more efficient and reliable than the traditional gasoline engine and even a normal diesel engine.

The best part of all is compared to engines that rely on fossil fuels, electric motors require little to no servicing and they can operate even in freezing temperatures  while producing power at optimal levels.


Final Thoughts

Electric motors are a much more viable power source that can sustain for far longer than most power sources that rely on fossil fuels, not to mention they are much better for our environment as a whole. When it comes to renewable energy and climate change, electric motors will always beat out the competition and help contribute to a greener world that your child would love being in!



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