Coding & Robotics
Enrichment Programme

Join us for an exclusive four-day holiday programme for your young inventors!

Give Your Child A Head Start To Success In This Digitally Driven World

Our children today are growing up in a highly competitive, digitally driven world. Give them a head start with PlayFACTO’s Coding & Robotics Holiday Enrichment camp!

With experienced, friendly trainers, we utilise a learn-through-play approach to introduce our budding inventors the concepts of coding and robotics and impart highly useful skills for them to build real life inventions!

Holiday Enrichment Programme

coding robotics builds problem solving

Apply Learning Into Real-World Solutions

Our young inventors are now ready to bring their inventions into the real world to experiment and grow.

playfacto coding robotics infuses steam stem learning

Have Fun Seeing Coding Take Shape Into Robotics

Experience what it’s like for coding to be implemented into robotics applications that work.

coding robotics forms basic coding concepts

Learn Coding Easily & Effectively

Understand and apply introductory to advanced working principles of input, output and setup modules.

playfacto coding robotics enhances computational thinking skills

Utilising Learn Through Play Methodology

Developing important learning experiences through play with technology.

Your Young Inventors Will Learn:

‍💻 Coding & Robotics Concepts
🔨 Build Rotating Pencil Holder or Mood lamp
🚗 Build a Fully Functioning Toy Car

Choose Your Preferred Slots At Your Convenience

First Option

29 Nov – 2 Dec 2021
Monday to Thursday
Only 2 hours per day

Second Option

6 Dec – 9 Dec 2021
Monday to Thursday
Only 2 hours per day

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About Singapore’s Most Intuitive Coding & Robotics Enrichment Program

Fulfil your child’s innate desire to become an inventor to build DIY gadgets through our
Modi, the world’s simplest loT Learning Kit.

Our child-friendly robotic modules allow students to become an inventor, fulfilling their innate desire to innovate and problem-solve through computational thinking. Our series of robust modular units together with a design thinking process stimulates their innate curiosity and at the same time, develops communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Discover Our Unique Approach To Helping Children Discover Coding & Robotics!