Coding & Robotics For Kids – The Future Of Singapore

Kids Coding – Our children are living, growing up and learning in a very digitally driven world – a fact that is difficult to avoid or run away from, and also not one that is necessarily always undesirable.

How can kids coding help them to navigate the fast-paced digital landscape of our world, and what are the important elements that take any Coding & Robotics programme from ordinary to one that helps our young minds to flourish and develop an innovative spirit for life? 

Read on to find out why kids coding in the enrichment activity, PlayFACTO School Coding & Robotics programme, goes beyond just simple content knowledge skills, to creating well equipped Singapore Citizens of the future.

The Changing Landscape of Singapore


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The recent rise in Singapore’s foray into advanced robotics under the National Robotics Programme shows how important it is for our young to absorb the right skills now that will allow them to drive our smart nation in the future. 

From Robotic Butlers that serve guests in hotels, to the highly automated and intelligent robotic systems in the healthcare sector, to 3D Robo printing across multiple industries –  Innovation and Smart Technology continues to transform how we function, communicate and thrive in this world. 

The PlayFACTO Coding & Robotics Enrichment Difference


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Experiential, play-based learning that is highly hands-on is the perfect recipe for building innate motivation, and can transform the way your child sees the process of learning and acquiring knowledge in our digitally driven world. Although the educational experience of our primary school children seems to be more focused on academic achievements, the Play method continues to be critical to their development even through ages 6 and up, and it’s a way of learning we need to continually foster, evening in the area of Coding & Robotics. 

Learning tools like the PlayFACTO MODI Expert Kit combined with creative kids coding projects stimulate their natural curiosity and develop an affinity to innovate. 

MODI, The World’s Simplest Creative Learning Kit


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With the specially crafted MODI, our young kids coding learners follow a dedicated design thinking process that stimulates their curiosity, and develops communication, collaboration, creative and critical thinking – the hallmarks of being successful and thriving in the real world. 

While skills like reading, music, sports etc all play a big part in shaping your children, kids coding skills can also play a huge role in moulding their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. These two pillars are paramount to surviving in a world where technology continues to offer some of the best solutions to our problems.

Real World Problem Solving


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The biggest missing piece in many educational philosophies or programmes is the disconnect of the knowledge acquired in books and classes to the application in real world situations and challenges. Can kids coding fill this gap? If the programme is robust and intentional – YES. 

Giving our young minds the necessary tools to allow them to learn to design solutions in a safe environment, allows them to develop and cement this very necessary skill for life, and use it to their advantage when they step out of this comfort zone. It is so important to inculcate an entrepreneurial, innovative attitude from young if we want our children to be leaders of future Singapore.  

Is There Security In Coding & Robotics In Singapore?


The Singapore government has invested $S40 million to the Research & Innovation and Tech sectors. This spells a bright, strong future in Coding & Robotics for Singapore youths, as they will play an integral part in continuing to develop and advance the country’s tech ecosystem. 

The PlayFACTO Coding & Robotics programme breaks down the complexities of the digital world to bite-sized, age-appropriate steps to develop collaborative, problem solving skills. Students will create real life day-to-day devices like flashlights, and eventually get to work on projects presenting their prototypes – kids coding can be an excellent ground to grow your little one’s ideas into reality.

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