How Creative Math Helps Students Learn to Love Math

Creative Math – Experiential learning is an excellent way to nurture young minds. By engaging students in hands-on experiences and reflection, they are better able to connect theories and knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world situations – and this helps them build a strong foundation in the subject.   Talk to your child aboutRead more

Teach Your Preschoolers Math Through Play!

Creative Math – Children start developing their mathematical skills while they are still babies exploring their environment and continue into their preschool years. By the time they are learning formal mathematical concepts in the first grade, the foundation for success is already set. Here are some hands-on activities to teach math to preschoolers at schoolRead more

Creative Math For Primary School – Our Lesson Structure

Creative Math – PlayFACTO’s fun and easy games help children to improve their thinking ability and understand math concepts. PlayFACTO’s use of real-life situations to teach math concepts increases students’ interest in the subject and gives them natural motivation to understand the material. Every lesson is intentionally designed to engage your child. Learn more aboutRead more

5 Hidden Values In Exploring Math Creatively

Creative Math – Teaching primary mathematics should not be bound to any textbook, physical classroom, nor to any single specific learning outcome as set in our curricula. Mathematics is a term that opens the gate to a richness of opportunities to investigate skills and concepts in a much wider context, i.e. real life. This isRead more

How Storytelling Helps Retain Math Concepts

Creative Math – Thinking of math as a creative subject doesn’t mean reinventing what 2 plus 2 equals, but instead looking at innovative ways to engage students in math. One way to spice up the subject is by bringing storytelling into lessons.   Storytelling can help turn math into something fun while kick starting aRead more

4 Geometry Activities You Can Do At Home

Geometry fascinates kids when you make it a hands-on experience! Today I’m showcasing some of my favorite hands-on geometry learning activities for kids. These simple tools and activity bring geometry to life, inspiring kids to work to learn more. A Playful Way to Learn Geometry and Develop Spatial Awareness using Geometiles Children learn best throughRead more

How To Help Your Children Build Friendships

Student Care – Meeting new people and making new friends with peers might seem like a very easy, natural thing for our young children, however there are numerous skills involved in building friendships, and Student Care teachers and parents alike can play an important role in helping to develop these abilities. How can we helpRead more

The Importance Of Creative Math In Everyday Life

Creative Math – Mathematics is such an integral part of our lives that it exists in virtually every aspect of our day-to-day activities, from shopping for groceries to paying our bills and more! You can help your child connect the math they have learnt in school to how it can be applied in their dailyRead more

4 Sure-Fire Methods to Make Math Fun for Preschoolers

It can be quite an uphill task getting your kids in preschool to learn something as fundamentally important yet arduous and challenging as maths. But do not fret! While it may not seem so at first, it is indeed possible to make counting numbers fun and easy to pick up for your preschooler in noRead more

Appreciate The World Through Maths

Creative Math – Numbers, measurements, figures, patterns, probability, problem-solving – what doesn’t come under the umbrella of Mathematics? Math is indispensable in so many fields, from the Natural Sciences and Engineering to Medicine, Finance and the Social Sciences. Math is a powerful tool that can help our children understand the world in so many differentRead more