Nurturing Children Through Positive Education

Positive Education – Education provides our children with all the necessary tools, skills and characteristics they need to excel in life, no matter which paths they choose as they get older. It’s a valuable source of knowledge in our societies, and can really shape the kind of human beings they become and the decisions theyRead more

4 Ways Student Care Can Enhance A Child’s Life

Student Care Centre – Student care centres in Singapore are part and parcel of most primary school students’ lives. It makes up a huge part of their weekly timetable, and the amount of time spent in an environment that nurtures their strengths can really support their overall growth and well-being. A premium student care centreRead more

5 Tips When Choosing An After School, Student Care Centre

Student Care Centre Singapore – Student care centres are an integral part of most Singapore Student Life. These after school care programmes were set up to support working parents, and provide care and supervision to their school-going children (from Primary 1 onwards). An excellent student care centre allows your child to continue to flourish inRead more

Coding & Robotics For Kids – The Future Of Singapore

Kids Coding – Our children are living, growing up and learning in a very digitally driven world – a fact that is difficult to avoid or run away from, and also not one that is necessarily always undesirable. How can kids coding help them to navigate the fast-paced digital landscape of our world, and whatRead more

Why You Should Teach Math At An Early Age

Our children’s brains are wonderful, complex things with the tremendous capacity to learn, develop and make connections. It’s no secret that young minds absorb and engage the most, and are highly flexible in their abilities to explore and adapt.  With that in mind, at what age should we start to introduce concepts of Mathematical ThinkingRead more