4 Geometry Activities You Can Do At Home

Geometry fascinates kids when you make it a hands-on experience! Today I’m showcasing some of my favorite hands-on geometry learning activities for kids. These simple tools and activity bring geometry to life, inspiring kids to work to learn more. A Playful Way to Learn Geometry and Develop Spatial Awareness using Geometiles Children learn best throughRead more

5 Tips To Encourage Honesty In Children

Positive Education: In the digital world, nowadays children are learning everything from TV, computers, the internet and even Netflix. Children must learn moral values and understand the real meaning of being honest. Different parents use different methods to encourage honesty in children. Some of the popular ways that every parent should learn to teach theirRead more

Why PlayFACTO School Believes In IoT For Children 

Student Care Singapore – IoT, otherwise known as the Internet of Things, is a relatively new term used to describe billions of physical and network devices all connected simultaneously to the Internet and virtually anything with an internet connection can be considered an IoT device. So how does this relate to children? These days, kidsRead more

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Preschool Math Is More Than Just Counting To 1000

Student Care Singapore – Believe it or not, maths is not just about counting up to a particular numerical value and such but rather it plays a much more fundamental aspect in our lives than we realise. This makes math an even more vital subject that every preschooler needs to learn, so let us takeRead more

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Educating Parents & Caregivers On Mental Health For Infants and Toddlers

Mental health has become more of a hot button topic in recent years due to its importance in our day-to-day lives, but not many people are aware that good mental health starts in one’s infancy. As a matter of fact, it’s been estimated that around 9.5 – 14.2 percent of children aged up to 5Read more

4 Coding & Robotics Skills You Can Build In your Child Today

Kids Coding – Technology has come a long way with numerous technological advancements making their way into everyday life, and kids are becoming more tech-savvy when it comes to computers and social media. So what better way than having your child get hands-on with some coding and robotics? Of course, there are a ton of benefitsRead more

4 Sure-Fire Methods to Make Math Fun for Preschoolers

It can be quite an uphill task getting your kids in preschool to learn something as fundamentally important yet arduous and challenging as maths. But do not fret! While it may not seem so at first, it is indeed possible to make counting numbers fun and easy to pick up for your preschooler in noRead more

Appreciate The World Through Maths

Creative Math – Numbers, measurements, figures, patterns, probability, problem-solving – what doesn’t come under the umbrella of Mathematics? Math is indispensable in so many fields, from the Natural Sciences and Engineering to Medicine, Finance and the Social Sciences. Math is a powerful tool that can help our children understand the world in so many differentRead more

Your Handy Guide To Positive Routines

Student Care Singapore – In times where the world outside is uncertain and where situations change daily, it’s crucial to provide your children with a sense of calm and stability amidst what must definitely feel like constant disruption to them. The number one hallmark of an excellent student care Singapore center is its ability toRead more

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Tips To Improve Your Child’s Engagement Levels

Student Care – For any child to learn at their best, and excel in their life, they must be constantly engaged and motivated – high levels of engagement allows students to perform better academically and have better social interactions and skills. Premium student care services like PlayFACTO School employ a variety of different strategies toRead more