Moving From Preschool to Primary School – How To Help Your P1 Child Adapt?

Moving from Preschool to Primary School can be a challenging time for everyone involved, child, parent and teachers alike. It usually means leaving behind friends and teachers and adjusting to a completely new environment. Your child’s step up from Preschool to Primary School and after school Student Care is bound to be filled with changes. HowRead more

Positive Education 1

Why Empathy Is Important In Education

Our PlayFACTO School Positive Education Value of the Month is none other than Empathy! Empathy is the ability to understand and experience the feelings of others, and to respond in helpful ways. Some children seem to develop empathy more naturally than others, but all children need to be taught this critical skill.   1. WhyRead more

Fun Facts About Good Friday & Easter!

PlayFACTO School wishes all who observe, a Good Friday, and a happy long weekend! Let’s take a look at some interesting and fun facts about Good Friday and Easter:   1. Good Friday is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday   2. The day before Good Friday is known as Maundy Thursday   3.Read more

Positive Education 3

Why Is Respect Important?

At PlayFACTO School, we believe that happy children do better in life – both academically and emotionally. Positive Education focuses on specific skills that assist our students to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness and encourage healthy lifestyles. Our Positive Education Value of the Month is none other than Respect! Respect is essentialRead more

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Preparing Your Child For Jobs Of The Future

Coding & Robotics – Primary School children today will enter jobs in their futures that might not even exist today! Trends like Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) evolve constantly and are set to continue to change the kind of roles and skills future employers will be looking for when your child eventually steps out into the working world.   Read more

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Supporting Cognitive Development In Primary School Students

Student Care – Cognitive Development is a huge buzzword in education, and rightfully so. Studies into cognitive development and its impacts have been a huge focus in the research on educational philosophies over the past 20 to 25 years, and continues to be a crucial factor in the ways our children think, explore and grow.Read more