5 Reasons Why Your Child Able To Complete His Homework At PlayFACTO School

Is it challenging to engage your children & get them to focus and complete their homework after school?

Many parents smile when we share how our students are able to complete their assignments at PlayFACTO School.

Want to know why? Read on to find out 5 reasons why we are able to get most children to complete their homework on time.

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1. Routine

To instil positive habits in children, our outstanding teachers set a predictable weekly and full-day routine for our children at our student care centres islandwide. When a routine is set, expectations are established and children begin to complete activities & tasks accordingly without issue. Routines also help to remind children that they are in a secure, loving environment. See our after-school care schedules here.

2. Checklists

Checklists encourage following steps, sequence students’ order of learning, and encourage them to break tasks into smaller proportions. This makes complex assignments look less daunting especially after a long day in primary school. Checklists give your child control over their homework and serve as a reminder of their tasks at hand, holding them accountable.

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3. Adult Supervision

PlayFACTO School believes in a low teacher-student ratio. Our teachers are able to provide more personal & engaging interaction and attention when our students need academic support. With children, moral and emotional support goes a long way. Our teachers are equipped with Positive Education tools and training to ensure that children get all the help they need after school.

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4. Social Learning 

When children are seated together to do their work, especially in a group work setting, they gain a sense of accomplishment when they collectively complete their tasks on hand. When students work together, completing homework, learning spelling (for both languages) and daily revision is possible. If a student falls behind, they are more likely to be motivated to catch up with their peers who have completed their work. Hence, completing their own homework too.

5. Routine

PlayFACTO School centres are intentionally designed with the best environment for a conducive workspace for all children. Bright lights, air-conditioned rooms & adequate learning materials are readily accessible to guide students with their work (Chinese E-Dictionary), IT devices, among many others). Our centres also boost a cosy, home-like environment that gives them a sense of security and a safe space to complete their work, enjoy their tea-break and even play games to pass their afternoons.

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