4 Geometry Activities You Can Do At Home

Geometry fascinates kids when you make it a hands-on experience! Today I’m showcasing some of my favorite hands-on geometry learning activities for kids. These simple tools and activity bring geometry to life, inspiring kids to work to learn more.

A Playful Way to Learn Geometry and Develop Spatial Awareness using Geometiles

Children learn best through play. Learn how to use Geometiles as a playful way to learn geometry and develop spatial awareness.

Learn Geometry and Develop Spatial Awareness Through Play

A versatile set of interlocking tiles, multi-award winning Geometiles® supports math exploration for students, parents, teachers and the curious. Geometiles creations are very solid once built. This makes them great for building structures to use with small toys.


Geometry for Kids: Quilt Activity Using Triangles

This geometry activity for kids provides all kinds of practice in spatial awareness and is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. One of the best themes to do with children is quilts! Studying quilt designs is a wonderful way to immerse children in hands-on geometry and shape activities.

In this quilt activity, kids use triangles to create four-square quilt designs. Younger children will focus on orienting the triangles to fit inside the squares, while older children can extend this activity into creating patterns and designs.

If you are doing this activity with a large group of children, kids can compare the different designs created by their classmates. You can even cut out the designs and combine them to create a classroom quilt!


Finding Shapes at the Playground

Kids can learn all about shapes right on the playground! Next time you head outside to play, you can also explore math in this fun shape hunt. Just print out our free shape hunt printable and go searching for shapes at the playground with this fun geometry activity for children!


Math Solver-Geometry Riddles Solved with LEGOS

This activity starts with reading shape riddles and ends with children creating the shape described in the riddle.

Children could easily draw the shape described in the riddle with crayon or markers, however if your child is interested in LEGOs, using them to build the shapes is a good idea.

It took a little time to sift through all of his many LEGOS to find the ones we would be using for this project. I shift through them while watching television one night. You may want to have your children do the shifting for the bricks. If you do, you may want to set out examples of what they need to look for or place pictures of what they need to find beside your brick bin. It would be like going on a treasure hunt.

Once you have bricks that you need, you are ready to put out the geometric shape riddles. When I was putting the riddle cards together, I was torn as to what terms to use for the sides and corners. I read through several primary grades state standards and common core goal sites. Some used the term corners and a lot called them vertices. Some sites said that shapes had side while others said that had edges. I went with the words vertices and sides.


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