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A Bespoke Learning Environment

Beautifully and purposefully designed learning spaces are hallmarks of PlayFACTO School student care. From high ceilings, spacious, well-ventilated classrooms to cosy reading areas and café-style dining – this is how we inspire a ‘Home Away From Home’ after school each day.

An Academic-Focused, Learner Centric Approach

As Singapore’s #1 premium student care, we do not just ensure homework assignments are completed on time. We provide in-house enrichment activities as well as support their e-learning needs. We want to foster a love of learning and create an outstanding foundation for every child to flourish.

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Experience the Benefits of Positive Education

Raising a happy child is our goal! We do not just cultivate the intellectual minds of students; we equip every child with life skills such as optimism, resilience and mindfulness to support their well-being.

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Bringing a Sense of Happiness to Each Meal

Nutrition is key for your child’s growth, and at PlayFACTO School, this is something we do not compromise! We curate our healthy food menus closely with our central kitchen to provide tasty, well-balanced meals to our students every day.

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Award Winning STEM Enrichment

PlayFACTO School’s award winning Enrichment Programmes have been carefully crafted, merging years of experience in high-quality STEM education and innovative toolkits, enabling young students to embrace a growth mindset and acquire a head start to success in the real world.

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We invite you to Rediscover the Fun of Learning with PlayFACTO School!

PlayFACTO School was started to provide quality education service with a positive focus. We are the first and only Positive Education Student Care & Enrichment Brand in Singapore accredited by PESA (Positive Education School Association).

We bring together the science of positive psychology with best-practice teaching. PlayFACTO School is a place where students (both student care & enrichment) cultivate their intellectual mind and develop a broad set of character strengths, virtues, life skills, and competencies, which together support their well-being and prepare them for their well-being the challenges in the 21st century.

At PlayFACTO School, we adopt a whole-school approach to embrace Positive Education and deliver a ‘fun’ learning experience. All teachers and support staff participate in training programs to acquire Positive Education tools that they can apply in their work and personal lives. For students at PlayFACTO School, Positive Education is incorporated into our student care & STEAM enrichment curriculum.