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“I Have a Helper, Why Don’t I Need a Student Care?”

I was having a short conversation with a friend yesterday about the need for a student care.

He mentioned that he had to rush home to help his children with their homework. Naturally, I probed further and asked why he did not consider a student care.

His response was classic: “I have a helper at home, why bother?”. I smiled at his response.

“She can take care of their every need. Why spend extra for a student care?”

I couldn’t fault him for his response as many of our parents at our Serangoon and Toa Payoh Student care centres have shared their poor experiences with other providers.

As such, why not take this time to share 4 REASONS why parents with helpers should consider a student care.


1. A Home-like Environment Helps Children To Focus

Imagine, you were in a well-lit air-conditioned classroom and there were nine classmates who were quietly sitting down doing their assignments. A teacher is walking around giving guidance to those who need help with their assignments. Everyone quietly completes one task after another. Such an environment creates an unspoken expectation – one where children feel at ease when they take out their assignments for the day.

If you were in this environment, you too would want to be studying.

Recreating this environment at home at times can be a little daunting with the many distractions at home.

Now, this obstacle is removed the moment they are in a student care.


2. Structure Promotes Predictability & Stability

Children thrive when an environment or place is predictable. This is part of the reason why many students call our centres their second home away from home. The structure helps them focus on what needs to be done. After completing these tasks, they too feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

At our student care centres, we follow a schedule where our students are trained to abide. This structure eliminates the need for our teachers to remind them to come and eat, to shower, to review their spelling (English and Mandarin), complete their homework, revise their work, etc… you get the idea.

This trains life skills so that your child will learn to take care of themselves and eventually take pride in doing so. (A great confidence booster, I might add)

Often as parents, caring for our children can be frustrating – and if this is something that will help ease your evenings, why not?


3. Working With A Team of Student Care Teachers

Having teachers at a student care means 3 things for your little one:

  1. Homework assigned will be completed as long as time permits. Our teachers will be there to ensure that their homework is completed. We do not check for accuracy as this impedes a school teacher’s assessment of your child’s learning abilities.
  2. You get a second opinion to verify your child’s understanding. Our teachers will advise where necessary if we do feel that a child needs additional help in their studies
  3. Feedback about your child’s academic performance can be highlighted earlier so that early intervention is possible.




4. Relationship Building Is Important

In this day and age where screen time is pervasive and learning is limitless, children hardly have time to interact with their peers. This creates a vacuum of experience for them to practice making and nurturing positive relationships.

Just this week, our supervisor was sharing how one boy was disrupting the class. When I probed further, our supervisor mentioned that they just did not get along.

While academics are important, at times, I personally feel that relationship building is far more valuable to a child and benefits a child even beyond their learning journey.

This is where the student care centre provides a platform for them to ruffle as many feathers as they would like so that by the time they are done, they would have at least learned how to better communicate with others when they leave school.

At our centres, we do impart empathy, listening skills, and appreciation so that they learn how to interact with friends nicely.





Hopefully, after these reasons, you might consider looking for a student care to help you off-load your worries to a student care of your choice.

If you are looking for a student care, why not join us at our upcoming Open House?

Or call us at 9773 4336.