How Was Your March Holidays?

March Holiday 2018 Highlights

During the march holiday, our Serangoon, Tampines and West Coast Premium Student Care centres ran our inaugural “Rice-Up” to the occasion holiday programme. Our centre supervisors and staff put their heads together and concocted multiple structured play-based activities to engage and inspire our children about the theme for the week: RICE!

Our ‘Rice’ Up curriculum centres around key topics around rice; merging a multi-disciplinary enrichment involving the use of both languages, math, science and games to spur your child’s innate love to discover the world.

Geography Of Rice

Our student explored the various locations of rice cultivation and distribution. Digging deeper, they too learnt the stages of rice cultivation through teachers sharing and group discussions.

Learning To Buy Rice?

Our students were also treated to a fun time at a supermarket nearby. They were tasked to find out the variety of rice that were sold as well as how they were packaged. Through this session, our students gain insights on weight and packaging.

Gourmet Lessons – Yummy!

Apart from outdoor learning experiences, our students were treated to gourmet lessons where they learnt to make rice crisps. Kudos to our student care teachers for taking the time to prepare all the necessary ingredients to make learning possible. Through cooking, students learn how to measure ingredients and also improve on their fine and gross motor skills.

Rice Art

How can we forget the importance of rice as a form of art! Our students all had a fun time learning how to colour rice using various ingredients and food dyes found at home and eventually making patterns in a little jar where they could show case their learning to their parents!

Positive Education In Action

In the midst of all the fun and learning, our students did not forget about the importance of food and the shortage of food around the world. This explicit method of teaching values gives space for teachers to impart life lessons that go beyond grades.

Holiday Programmes

Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming June holiday programme.


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