[Parents’ Workshop] Developing Higher Order Thinking Skills

What is the event about?

Suitable for parents with children aged 3 to 10
What is the purpose of learning something?
Is it to be able to remember and repeat (remember our ten-year series), or to be able to use that knowledge in the real world somehow?
Learning math concepts in class is useful when our teacher tests us, but in our lives, we need that knowledge to do practical things like applying heuristic skills in a situation.
In the case of PSLE Math questions, it could be to calculate the number of rolls of ribbons to buy or even to estimate the weight of a $1 coin.
At the end of the day, learning has always been to apply it in our daily lives. This is where Higher Order Thinking (HOT) skills come into play.
HOT skills are the tools students use to transfer their knowledge into actual use. These include problem-solving, analyzing, evaluating, imagining and making connections, amongst many other strategies.
In an effective math lesson, students should be spending as much time ⏱using these strategies as they are learning concepts like numeracy, patterns, geometry, etc.
Without them, they may know the concept but be unable to use it when attempting problem sums.

I’m keen to learn more. What is this seminar about?

In this complimentary 1.5 hr content-packed workshop, we will be sharing highly effective and practical techniques you can use to help your child acquire high-order thinking skills in a natural fun and engaging way!

Here is what we’ll be sharing:

  • Develop higher order thinking skills to aid your child in problem sums
  • Instil fun and confidence when learning math to avoid math anxiety
  • Apply active learning strategies to help your child gain mastery in complex math concepts

Where Is The Event Held?

16 March 2019, Sat, 2pm to 4pm

PlayFACTO School @ Serangoon
16 March 2019, 2pm to 4pm,
55 Serangoon North Ave 4 #09-05

23 March 2019, Sat, 10am to 12pm

PlayFACTO School @ Tampines
23 March 2019, 10am to 12pm,
Tampines Mart, #02-05


The first 20 parents who arrive at our seminar will receive a complimentary manipulative.

Choose between:

House Set (For children 3 to 10)

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Napier Rods (For children 6 to 10)

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