Geometry for Preschool Kids?

What is Geometry?

Geometry is a combination of two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures. It also explores the relationships with points, lines, surfaces, solids, and even angles.

While introducing this math concept to preschoolers might seem a little farfetched, I have discovered that the key to teaching the basics of Geometry is making it memorable by getting them to “experience” Geometry for themselves.



How Can I Teach My Child Geometry?


1. Geometry Scavenger Hunt

With a mini scavenger hunt, your little detective can pick up the concept of geometry at the park, the playground or even on the way home. To help you out with your first scavenger hunt, download our complimentary scavenger hunt template.

geometry for kids, crafts for preschoolers to teach math

Click to download your Geometry Scavenger Hunt printable for your budding detective!


2. Build A House

Why not make shapes out of ice-cream sticks and subsequently, move on to “building” a house or even an empire out of it only using shapes! Be creative and let your imagination outrun you because who says you can’t have triangular windows?

geometry house ideas, craft ideas for childrenSee how here.



3. Foam Shape Blocks

If your child is still too young for the above, you may give this a try! All you need are some sponges that can be easily found in supermarkets and paint. Cut up the sponges into simple shapes and off they go stamping away.

geometry shapes sponge craft ideasLearn to make your very own sponge stamps here



4. 3D Playdough Shapes

When your young buddy has mastered the art of two-dimensional shapes, upgrade them for the playdough shapes, training them for three-dimensional shapes. These may be harder for them to grasp and conceptualise, thus setting a good foundation for their flat shapes would be crucial in helping them understand three-dimensional figures. A good example would be the contrast between a Pyramid and a Cone. Both have triangular surfaces but their bases are of a square and a circle respectively.

Geometry for kids, craft ideas for children

Geometry explosion through straws and play dough!




Why is it important to children?


1. Improves Self-Expression

For a child to talk about space and relationships of shapes they must learn multiple concepts, processes and tools to freely express. When children learn to talk about lines, figures, shapes (both 2D and 3D) they improve their ability to share these ideas confidently. This is the biggest reason why we merge storytelling in all our PlayFACTO Kids Math enrichment classes.


2. Boosts Math and Reading

Spatial skills play a critical role in the development of mathematics and reading. In math, Geometry helps children to develop visualisation skills. These visualisation skills are also transferable when children read. Through the use of our wooden manipulatives, children find it easier to express complex math concepts.


3. Improves self-reliance

Geometry is important for life. Getting children to pack their bags, fold their clothes, sharing their food and navigating through the toys section in malls are life skills that children need to be independent.


4. Improves higher-order math thinking skills

Learning geometry does not stop at shapes. It leads to problem-solving, reasoning, judging and evaluating – all of which are higher modes of thinking that improve cognitive ability over time.



Download your complimentary Scavenger Hunt downloadable here.