Fruity Moments

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    Fruity Moments

    Learn Through Play With PlayFACTO School!

    We are collaborating with supreme parents AGAIN! 🙂 For the convenience of all parents, it will be held at Bove located within Spring Maternity

    This time round we will be having an event for children below the ages of 5!

    Date: 28 April 2018
    Time: 2:30pm – 8:30pm
    Address: Bove by Spring Maternity Level 2 Tower 4

    Getting To Our Fruit-ilicious Event

    5 Fruit-FULL Games for Children Under The Age of 5

    Bove, Spring Maternity, Suntec City, Enrichment, Games for Children, Play Based Learning

    What Games Will My Child Be Playing?

    We will be showcasing our children’s games such as our fruit set, house set, magic cubes and tangram puzzles where children will gain exposure to early math skills through PLAY! Best of all, see how  your child is introduced to basic concepts that lead up to algebra, volume, fractions and problem solving skills at our booth!

    Learn More Below:

    Math Skills, Preschool in singapore, Play Group, Suntec City, Play to learn, kids activities

    Sort It Out!

    Engage your child’s sense of weight directly and indirectly using our wooden balance! By placing fruits and weights on our wooden balance, your child will gain first hand experience to apply the concepts to daily. After weighing the fruits, your child will complete our task sheet to complete the activity.

    Math Skills, Preschool in singapore, Play Group, Suntec City, Play to learn, kids activities

    Build A House!

    Using the transparent cards, your child will be able to create houses based on the task sheet provided. Children will have an opportunity to find relationships between whole and parts, position and order of the stacked cards. Through this activity, your child will be exposed to multiple math concepts like, order, shapes, sequencing and problem solving.

    Math Skills, Preschool in singapore, Play Group, Suntec City, Play to learn, kids activities

    Balancing Fruits?

    In this game, your child will get to compare the weights of fruits directly or indirectly using balance and weights. This will enable your child to get a sense of weight and how they are able to apply it to daily life. Your child will be required to weigh different fruits and complete the task of comparing different types of weights.

    Math Skills, Preschool in singapore, Play Group, Suntec City, Play to learn, kids activities

    Fruity Shapes!

    Your child will get to exercise their creativity using the 7-tangram pieces through various activities. Through the use of tangrams, your child develops spatial perception and awareness. Through one activity, your child will learn classification, grasp spatial rotation, acquire words like ‘flip’ and ‘rotate’. Spatial awareness is vital to help children with geometry, angles, area & perimeter, volume, 3D images and problem solving.

    About Supreme Parents

    Founder of Supreme Parents and Bizvents Pte Ltd


    Cancer and miscarriages did not stop Yvonne Lian from conceiving a child naturally and setting up a business. This unstoppable woman — mother, survivor, and mumpreneur — shares her story with us.

    She may only be 30, but Yvonne Lian has already lived through more than most women her age. Cancer – check. Marriage (to 34-year-old bank manager Jeremy Yap) – check. Miscarriages (that’s multiple, not single) – check. But she thanks God that she has her miracle baby Chloe, who was conceived naturally after cancer. Chloe turned three on October 4 this year.

    About PlayFACTO School

    PlayFACTO School
    Singapore’s #1 Premium Student Care
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    At PlayFACTO School, our commitment to learning engagement extends beyond our research based curriculum, intentionally designed learning spaces and best in-class facilitators of knowledge.

    Our unique PlayFACTO School experience is based on our philosophy “Engage, Play, Learn”. We believe in helping every child realise their full potential through meaningful engagement and providing a fun and holistic learning experience. Our curriculum and pedagogical approach is designed to encourage intellectual curiosity, foster creativity and inspire the pursuit of learning.

    For more information about the above event, feel free to contact us at: 9773 4336.

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