Exam Woes: Is Your Child Maximising His/Her After-School Hours? (Part 1 of 4)

In this mini-series, we will be exploring how you can help your child maximise their hours after school. 

With the rise of pressure on parents over their child’s exams, it makes sense to take a step back from all the exam blues; and reflect on what we can do as parents to reduce the pressure on their children and help put a smile back on their faces.

Over at PlayFACTO School, we believe that there are 4 KEY ingredients that make an effective learning environment for your child.

  1. The Presence Of A Facilitator
  2. The Presence Of Community
  3. The Presence Of Structure
  4. The Presence Of Space

The Presence Of A Facilitator

What Is A Facilitator?


A facilitator can be a caregiver, trained adolescent or even a tutor.

In the case of our student care system – it will be the teacher. In our case, we prefer the term, facilitator.

A facilitator creates the structure where the student operates. Children that are younger tend to be easily distracted and will need some guidance to pull them back to their original task. This helps them complete their assignments far more efficiently.

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What Does A Facilitator do?

At our Toa Payoh student care, Teacher Sherry ensures that the tasks for the day are written clearly on the board. After everyone has written it in their communication file, she gets everyone settled. Soon silence envelopes the entire classroom and everyone is attempting their assignments.

Jeremy completes his homework and heads to Teacher Sherry who checks his work for completion and legibility. Finding this satisfactory, she initials on his communication file indicating that his work is done.

After a short hour or so, Teacher Sherry checks the time to ensure that everyone is ready for the next activity – spelling. Spelling is a group activity as many are learning at the same time.

After spelling, Jeremy will take out his revision papers to complete a few pages. Marking his assignments are done in the evenings. Teacher Sherry will return the assessment to Jeremy where he would have corrected it before filing his work.

Reading this short excerpt might sound mundane to many, however, there is more than meets the eye…

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Learn how we structure your child’s time after school here.

Why is Facilitating Important?


The rationale for such an activity is to train a child in multiple life skills. Here are 4 simple skills that your child would have practised on that very day:


  1. Checking his bag and reviewing tasks to do for the day is a great way to kick-start any revision plan
  2. Curating a list of things to do is a valuable time-management skill
  3. Completing multiple tasks one at a time helps children learn to cope with bigger projects (i.e PSLE)
  4. Taking pride in their work and revision ensures that revision is done accurately


In this very instance, having a facilitator that ensures that time after school is spent productively

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How does a facilitator maximise time?

Facilitation removes the fear of failure
With a facilitator’s presence, a child will feel less afraid to try complex problems as there is an adult to guide them. On the contrary, children might end up distracting themselves with a game of Roblox or Clash of Clans. (See the dangers of phone game addiction here) And we as adults know that “a game” has no time limit. 🙂

Facilitation improves time management
With a facilitator, we are able to enforce a schedule. With a schedule enforced, our students stop asking about the time and focus on their tasks at hand. This new-found stability creates a familiar environment and predictable environment that is beneficial for children.

Facilitation increases motivation
Motivating children to complete their homework is made easier with a facilitator who is able to guide their understanding of a topic before a child attempts his assignments.

Facilitation provides security
A familiar face adds comfort to children in primary school. I often share with parents that a child in primary school goes through many changes. Having a teacher that cares for them, provides a safe haven where they are free to express their pain, disappointments and hurts.

What Can Parents Do?

The best way around it is for parents to learn how to facilitate a child’s learning at home and this often requires time and this is something that many working mothers struggle with.

Alternatively, a student care is a better alternative as there is a facilitator present to guide and ensure that your child benefits from a maximised revision programme. Stay tuned to our next article on 30 May 2018 where we will share how having a community positively impacts a child’s revision time.

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