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Schedules & Routines Matter for Primary School Students Too

Are You Instilling Schedules & Routines In Your Primary School Child?

Many parents we meet understand the concepts of schedules and routines.

But did you know that learning and mastering them is as important for preschoolers and primary school students?

Here are 5 important benefits that your child gleans when schedules and routines are put in place.


1. Influence a child’s holistic development

student care, primary 1, routines, schedules, enrichment, tuition

Collaboration is key to building empathy, communication and leadership skills.

At PlayFACTO School, we develop a child mentally, emotionally and socially through our positive education framework when time is set aside to focus on organizing your child’s time and activities.

This might seem rigid at first. But when children are given direction (in terms of what and when to accomplish a specific task) their brains focus better and their hearts are ready for the activity.

Mealtimes, outdoor play and unstructured playtime help with socialisation with other children. Through these, they pick up the subtleties of communication that improve empathy.


2. Help children feel secure

student care, primary 1, routines, schedules, enrichment, tuition

Making his egg mayonnaise sandwich from scratch!

While change is the only constant in life, we as adults are often resistant to change. How we adults function is to create structures like going to work, exercise, buying groceries, cleaning the house, etc. This structure helps us feel that life is in motion, making us feel secure.

With children, when given free rein of their time, do not know how best to arrange their time and end up spending time according to their mood swings that are unhealthy in the long run. Because there is a lack of structure, it makes them feel insecure and results in them looking for other places where they find such security.

Learn how we create structures even during holidays here.



3. Help children understand expectations

student care, primary 1, routines, schedules, enrichment, tuition

Students reading in their free time

Setting expectations at home and at student care are important. At PlayFACTO School, we spend less time nagging and reminding children because we have a schedule that guides the activities for the day.

One thing that our teachers are trained to do is to manage our student’s expectations. Managing their expectation is important as it helps to manage their reaction and this gives them a sense of security and control.

When children know the tasks for the day, they will learn to work within the boundaries of the task assigned and this, in turn, improves self-regulation.

With children, we can never be too hard. At times, we must be flexible and allow special occasions. Which is why we plan thematic holiday programmes, weekly enrichment, outdoor play and movies!

(This is the only screen time they have at the centre)



4. Help reduce behaviour problems

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Through simple weaving crafts, your child learns patience which trains delayed gratification.

With the right expectation, children are less likely to exhibit emotional outbursts. While this might not eliminate behaviour problems completely, having an environment where PlayFACTO School students see how others behave provides a good learning platform for your little one too.

Through structured positive education enrichment lessons, reward and recognition initiatives and routine playtime – such strategies help to excite and enthuse a child as they spend their afternoons with PlayFACTO School. This leaves little time to pout and throw a fit at our centres.

To ensure that our staff are equipped with the right tools and skillsets, we provide training in Positive Education, Cognitive Play,



5. Result in increased engagement

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With hands-on learning opportunities, students learn better, feel better and perform better.

When students are engaged and motivated, they learn better. Through the above positive strategies, we employ at our student care centres, we believe that your child will feel valued. They will perform better academically and possess positive social attitudes, values, and behaviour.

Which is why At PlayFACTO School we are committed to Positive education. At its essence, positive education is Academic + Character & Well Being. Only by taking the time to build your child’s character and well being can we develop the skills sets required to sustain the rigour required for academic excellence.


Learn about our Positive Education centric focus with a centre tour here.



In conclusion, here are the 5 huge benefits that your child can take home if they are taught schedules and routines.

student care, primary 1, routines, schedules, enrichment, tuition

Why we should focus on building schedules and routines in our primary school children


Learn more about our Open House here. 

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